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Hi /3/,

Is it easier to get a job as a character artist or a envrionment artist?

Lets say you have two people that have equal levels but one in character and one in environments?

Who would find it easier to get a job?

Also, is environment art more important than character art?
much easier to get a job as a character artist.

the demand for characters is always high because of a few factors

>can't proceduraly make high quality characters
>the characters that are available in the the market are not unique to what you want.
>characters in general demands more creativity

environments are easier to automate and replace, because you can just buy a big pack of assets and build them in your level editor, this is especially common with things like outdoor environments like nature.

employers are all about saving money. and when they see the opportunity to save money they will seize it
not op, but also looking to be a character artist.
this is inspiring, just what i wanted to hear.
Where should i look for job postings? hoping to get in with a small developer and build up to working for a big company
indiegamer and indie db

There are far more environment art positions at studios than there are character art. Not everything can be automated because not all games take place in nature. At my current studio we are still hiring for environment, but I haven't seen a character hire for a long while.
not from what im seeing.

in my country at least they tend to hire generalists that have some sort of knowledge in character art.
the studious here are really small and more than 3-4 artists is ovekill, everyone go oversees for jobs
A lot more people here seem interested in character art than anything else. I don't know how that translates into employable character artists (the bar to make passable characters is pretty high, probably higher than for environments imo).

Which country is that? Curious to hear where people are moving to.
If you want to get into AAA, there are always more environment art positions.
>Curious to hear where people are moving to.
UK,netherlands,swedan and US

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