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File: FB!.png (100 KB, 1015x660)
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How's it looking my dudes, I'm more of a noob than novice when it comes to blender and modeling. How is my clap trap look?? Also credit to GearBox and 2K games for claptrap
File: SICK MEME.jpg (23 KB, 403x403)
23 KB
>Also credit to GearBox and 2K games for claptrap
Damn right youre a bitch ass noob when you dont post WIRES
You don't want too see these wires
>muh wires!

good concept and and creativity in modeling is more important than wires.
/3/ is really lacking on good critique and how to improve artists as a whole, you overwork people with shitty criticism and perfectionism instead of using the strength of the artist to his advantage.
if his core advantage is concept to modeling that's what he should invest in instead of having a perfect wire just for the fuck of it
Fuck you, I want to see wires
There's something really satisfying about seeing model wireframes to me.
File: batman has itchy face.jpg (53 KB, 452x339)
53 KB
hey, manager from gearbox here! just wanted to let you know that if you ever come to me or anyone with shitty topology on your model then I'm sending you back to your desk to redo it. Don't worry too much about style because basically all of you will not have creative freedom in the industry.
On another note, be sure to check out our games on steam before the sale is up! you wouldn't want to miss grabbing another copy of Borderlands 2 for your friends!
>, you overwork people with shitty criticism and perfectionism

People's work around here falls into two big categories:
"it's fundamentally shit, you need to learn more before you attempt a project of this magnitude, watch more tuts"


"it's great but you fudged a couple small details or I think certain tweaks would make this model more subjectively appealing based on my own tastes and preferences or possibly a general style guide (which is still entirely subjective but weighted against test audiences)"

And both those responses are infinitely better than the feedback you see on most forums which is "looks great dude! amazing work! wow!"
sure im not saying the crit is outright shit, its good.


i see good works here getting ripped to pisces. and its usually the good ones.

Dont you just hire feminists and SJW nu-males anyway.
I like the hat. Did you scuplt or box model it?
>"looks great dude! amazing work! wow!"

I agree with this, I'm inmy starting stages and I only post my work here,
sometimes I get shit on my face and sometimes happens that people cheer me up, and I know that that small cheer up means much more than what people write on my instagram on every piece I add
For the bottom piece I just drew it out with verticies, filled it, and extruded. The top piece of the hat I just took a cylinder and tried to make it look like a hat, for the model I traced the out line of it and just used reference images for the rest of him.
Thanks for the advice, I half assed this model. 3days of work and about 2 hours after work. I will work on my topology thank you
I like it man keep it up
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