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File: photovomitry.jpg (185 KB, 1585x705)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Feels bad knowing that any popular, 3D-oriented gallery space is going to be flooded with shitty Photogrammetry scans now and forever until the end of time.
If only it were good models, but no, all the morons come out to post their shit tier scans.
WOW! only 11 images, and 5 minutes to make this absolutely worthless, hideous, garbage! Amazing!
Buckle up.
maybe photogrammetry will get better and these scans could serve as good reference material for artists
Photogrammetry has been used in videogames (indie and AAA) for a few years now, it can be much faster than making assets from scratch.

File: 1419341080523.jpg (29 KB, 512x384)
29 KB
>Interior shots made by looking through window
Never looked at photogrammertry.

Is it possible to grab a scan, and retopology it. and keep it textured in that matter?

Or will you need to add extra steps.
It would be fun to make some kind of art piece with this fucked up scans. Maybe even a video game.
>couldn't even be bothered to try and get inside the building
why the fuck did he take 84 images through the same window?
File: CrDSN3SWYAAbSJQ.jpg (107 KB, 1199x743)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
on it. gonna try and get those models and stick them in cryengine
Wow somebody smart enough to use cryengine
it's actually cycles
a video for Oneothrix Point Never
God damn it why can't I ever come up with an original idea.
That's sort of the whole point of it, that it can be retopologized and baked out into a useable model. Selling to niche AAA game developers and VFX companies doesn't get you the $$$Big$$$Bucks$$$ though, so it's marketed to normies through 3D capture photobooths and the cheap-ass smartphone photogrammetry with shitty slogans and marketing terms like "Captured Reality" that create the sort of garbage that's been posted here and that's the stuff that floods Sketchfab. For every competent scan there's 400 more shitty unreadable clusterfucks and blurry models of obnoxious looking middle-high-class kids with their batshit parents standing in 3D photobooths.

Here's a competent one: https://sketchfab.com/models/0eb1f1757349489eab05a0f03cff5b46
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter did it for actual assets too afaik.
Reminds me, this stuff will be great for people that do actual analog sculpting.

You know, with clay or stone, or metal.

You can go to a museum, snap some shots of your favourite sculpture, and turn it into a 3D model and look at it for hours.

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