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hey /3/

what is your preferred method of retopology? I'm stuck in making my workflow. Currently, I use Topogun but it gets pretty old and the tools aren't anything to rave about. is Retopoflow any good? thinking of trying that next.
I really enjoy retopoflow.
Its pretty simple to get used to.
BTW Maya's retopo options are great now!!
and 3d coat is the best IMHO
just do it old school desu.
it's free download and use it the contours tool is fine the other things mehh
u can also use Surface Sketching inside blender, or download or use instant meshes and Sketch-Retopo there's and import export addon

3d coat has replaced topogun for me.
what is it with 3D coat these days?
how does this small company manage to eclipse the industry juggernauts?
BSurface (Blender addon) + Retopoflow
Retopoflow is disgusting, if you canĀ“t work with it, it's not your fault. It's just a bad plugin with a backwards interface. I don't know of any other tools in blender to do it. The best solution I've found is the quad draw tool in maya.
Try this one, looks promising, i plan to use it, but i haven't yet.

Zremesher + guides works pretty damn well most of the time.
I've been trying to make it give good results for some time with no luck. Could you post a wireframe, I'm curious what "pretty damn well" means.

Well it is gods chosen app.

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