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help me
I have an object with two different faces, and the UV's overlap

I'm trying to paint something on mudbox, but my mesh object UV maps have different materials/faces and they overlap, when I paint over UV1 it also paints over UV2, how do I change this, how do I assign each "face" to paint on a different image on Mudbox?
select the vertices that overlap and scale them down
but that would change my UV map
yes but after you unwrap you modify your UV map.
that's how its done
I can't, the mesh was exported of a game and I have to keep the UVS, just want to change the textures then reapply on the game... there is no way to split materials on mudbox?

I separated the UVs for now, to split them on photoshop later, but it would be easier if the 3D paint tool could at least separate materials...
the image you provided is blender not mudbox

>the mesh was exported of a game and I have to keep the UVS
what game, never seen a game that have such crappy UV's. are you sure you haven't unwrapped it by mistake?
Sorry, I saved that pic from google, just googled overlapping UVs

The mesh has two different materials, overlapping each other, and I didn't modify, but I've seen this done around.

For example a mesh body (daz studio, second life, imvu) you have 3 different textures - one for the head, one for the torso, one for the legs. When this mesh is joined (head+torso+legs), the UVs overlap but you can assign one texture separately to each because they have different materials and they wont interfere with each other.

You can save 3 different textures for the example above or more (for eyes, nails, etc), instead of compressing the entire body into only one. sometimes this helps, saving smaller textures for parts, and change only that part without loading a huge one, using bigger textures where you want more detail etc.

I can separate the meshes, but it lags while I paint on the seams. I want to keep the objects together because I can remove doubles and paint more seamlessly.
you should look into the object data to see exactly how many uv sets each material has and how do they comply with the textures.

not always when you import a material it detects the material set, so you might want to create new materials depending on what texture you have
cont. if the uv's overlap create new uv set for the overlapping faces.

might rely on a hunch but that's what you have
I don't know if this had been said, but Im guessing you have 2 seperate parts of your model you are trying to texture, this happened to me when I Exported my sniper rifle to substance painter, you need to do it piece by piece. And after you painted those seperate pieces make the file names the same as your pieces your painting on, save the textures you created, and apply those on it their pieces.. And render!

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