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Hi, newfriend here. I'll keep it short
>Dad might get a cnc machine
>Gotta learn cad to operate it
>Gotta build a computer that can run cad software (mayne solidworks)

I was told to come here for advice. I want to know if its worthwhile getting a quadro m5000 or a titan X. They are close enough price wise, and the titan is a superb card, but ive been told that for certain features you NEED a quadro card. You can somehow circumvent that, but its not recommended and the titan won't perform as well as a quadro.

I do game a bit and I want a card that can do both pretty well, so which one would you guys get, a m5000 or a titan X?

Should I go for something else since cyber monday is close?
Just do a google search for Solidworks and Geforce/Quadro/Titan cards. I don't know how it is for CAD and engineering applications, but for animation packages you absolutely do not need a Quadro. All the software vendors make sure their packages run fine with regular old game cards because that's what the vast majority of users have. Quadros have a huge markup that just isn't worth it.

Unless there are some important features that are disabled on non-Quadro cards I would get the Titan, or even just a 1080. Maybe somone with more CAD experience can chime in.
Thanks, i did a little research and found this https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Why-you-should-use-a-Quadro-video-card-in-Solidworks-2016-751/

Apparently its only needed for rendering, nit sure if we'll do that, its just a small woodworking job, we get by on using drafting papers
I personally dont think it'll matter if i go with a titan X, i can always get two if I wanted to for the price of one m5000. I can handle 30 fps, and thats for complex modeling, which we probably arent gonna do
I friend of mine is building complex shit in Solidworks with a fucking Laptop-GPU.
I'd say you don't need to waste money.
Yah I probably wont
Just use your current computer and update that when you know what you are doing.
Its a potate
Doens't matter. Simple modelling can be done with almost anything.

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