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File: Lambda1_VP8.webm (713 KB, 1080x720)
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How do I make this not look like total trash?
by looking at more logo intro references. you gotta change so many shit in there that I don't even know where to begin.
Make parts of the logo move too at least.
increase the light strengh
10000 man hours of 3D practice

To make a comparison you're a man who kicked a can quite far, asking what more do you need to do to get a satellite on orbit
- use light and/or textures to create gradients. cmon man this is flat grey/black

-pull the background farther back, so that i cant see the shadow before the actual letter assembled itself. ruins the "surprise"

-let the animation run longer, it goes halfway through and then skips to the finished image

-speaking of which, did you actually use a 2d image for the final shot? duuude. use lights and raise their strength slowly. so, animation runs until you can see the complete lambda from the top(like in your final image), then the ight slowly turns on

report back ITT buddy
have a real close up to one of the pieces so you can see the light reflect off of the reflection texture you spent so much time on.
Moving around the camera a lot is jarring... but, that said, I wouldn't worry about the camera at all at first.

One of the best pieces of advice I got while learning all this shit is making sure you know the purpose/intent of each shot, and then asking if what you have shot, achieved that purpose.

So from what I can tell from your video:
>The logo is the focus of the video
>You want to show the logo assembling
>You want the final shot to be the full logo

The last shot in your video obviously achieves that, but does the first part; I don't think it does.

I would take the camera, remove all animation & put it in a position where you can see the entire animation play out. It may be boring, but it achieves your goal.

THEN try adding in a camera move. Does it still work? Does the camera move obscure the logo? If you were somebody who had never seen your project and was looking at the video, would you find it hard to watch or confusing?

Ask yourself these kinds of questions always. As corny as this sounds, you are always telling a story with animation. It's better to be boring but concise is what I'm trying to say. You'll get more interesting with time.
That "shadow" is actually a flat version of the lambda which is supposed to cast the green light behind the shot after it "assembled". So no, the last part isnt a 2d picture.

Will try this, thanks

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