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What is the optimum number of edges per poligon? discuss
tris, get someone lower than me to retopo.
depends, you fuck
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It depends on the program. Max was made to work with 4, but Maya was optimized for 5, and actually blender its better for working with hexagon shapes only.
if i want to use more edges (say 7 or 9) per poli, do i need to subdiv and use more than one software ?
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They hired and fired a guy in a week, because his topology was shit. Some kid of a higher-up i think.

Maya was made to work with Ngons?


What are you talking about? Polygons with 9 edges? No, you connect those surfaces with more edges. Unless it's a flat surface, you don't want more than 4 edges for anything.
>but Maya was optimized for 5

fuck off you retarded faggot
no 3D software is optimised for ngons. Quit talking out your ass or provide some proof.
>maya was optimized for 5
not sure if trolling or actually this stupid
>do you mean by face?
or the overall polycount?
be clearer than that
Four. And You're a Heathen for considering anything else. Ngons are a plague on all of humanity, and I'd like to see you make clean edge loops using Tris.
You fuckimg cucks, all programs are optimized at least for 1 edge per face, and less than 100
>Not knowing how to greentext
>not understanding a simple question that has already been answered
Be less autistic than that.

>and less than <arbitrary number i pulled out of thin air>
You can't have a face without 3 edges faggot.
>inb4 what about non-manifold geometry
dude i don't think you know what you're talking about, consider maya tutorials on youtube
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A polygon is a 2-dimensional example of the more general polytope in ANY number of dimensions. An n-gon is a polygon with n sides; for example, a triangle is a tri (3 sided polygon). The basic geometrical notion of a polygon has been adapted in various ways to suit particular purposes, in 3d computer graphics, we are concerned only with the bounding closed polygonal chain, thus any number of edges is really acceptable - when the shape is rendered/calculated it will be converted to quads regardless.
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Fucking christ how can people in this thread be so retard? Hope y'all trolling

>optimum number of edges per polygon
3 or 4, there's no other answer

Quads (4) ease the modeling process by allowing easy selection/creation of loops/rings and guides for better deformations when animated. Ultimately any renderer, realtime or not, breaks down faces to triangles (3) when computing. Ngons shouldn't exist. End of story.
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All jokes aside, the correct answer is seven... right?
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