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File: Capture1.jpg (22 KB, 665x668)
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Painting 3D mesh on photoshop looks like this when you paint over seams, is there a tool to paint 3D objects, with options sorta like photoshop? What is the easiest tool to manually paint textures using a tablet without this ugly seams bug?
apparently that removes the UV completely, I still need the UV maps... but thanks!
pls help
oh god don't use ptex, Mudbox / Mari / dDo/ Substance work great.

mari is honestly god tier for things you cant unwrap neatly in the time frame (i had a zremshed hard surface object that i had no time to retopo) so when i finally do retopo it, mari can reproject the painted data onto the new model.

It's UI is the worst.
use quixel
File: 1284971055950.jpg (25 KB, 481x348)
25 KB
Did you graduate highschool? Who has the worst UI? dDo doesn't need a "/" after it.
Learn how to paint using layers in photoshop man, theres plenty of texturing vids that will show you.
Who implies a person what implies an object. If you follow the natural progression of his sentence you'd know he was talking about mira. Therfore, mira is still the subject.
I do, I know how to, but for seams I'd rather paint directly on the mesh, it's a waste of time to try to match seams
Literally substance painter is exactly that

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