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File: chartest1.png (237 KB, 640x480)
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I am making a character for a cpt. toad clone, but it has no name. any suggestions? (since I have to hand it in at school, the name can not be offensive in any way). also, I know this looks horrible, but it's my 3rd month that I use a 3d modelling program to make something.
>3rd month that I use a 3d modelling program
If this is true, stop relying on your teachers and start watching YouTube tutorials at the very least.

Name him: Mining Clown-Bandit Torso Man
yeah Im trying to, just dont have much time. and obviously he is unfinished. Still have to add backpack, legs,... , create a realistic shader and unwrap him for ao backing, normal maps and texturing. but thanks for the feedback!

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