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File: lambdawtf.png (225 KB, 1892x978)
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Hey /3/, Im a total amateur in modelling.

This is supposed to be a lambda, and around that is this glass "case". How do I get rid of those wired stripes?

The inner lambda model is emitting light.
I don't think you've provided enough information to be certain what is causing the problem...

1. Check your topology

2. Make sure that the glass casing model does not directly touch/intersect with the interior model as that may cause artifacts.


The inner faces of your "glass case" look like they are at the exact same spot as the 'outside' faces of your green core. Layering multiple faces up at the same place is an issue because your renderer doesn't know which face you want to be visible. (neither face is closer to the camera) You're probably seeing through the seethrough glass case and seeing these artifacts.

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