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anyone want to UV map and texture a truck?

I'm doing 'Digital Media' at uni, I specialise in videography and camera work. They've randomly thrown in one 3D modelling submission and fucked us all because we have no idea where to start.

I've spent hours and hours looking up how to do this and it's just not happening. Got thrown into this with very little support and I just feel as though it's really unfair.

If anyones interested in helping out I can share an email address, no worries if not. Here's one of the screenshots I took to send to a friend when I gave it an attempt.
pay me $15 and ill get it back to you in an hour

This is how we do it folks
Step 1: Seams
Are you not being taught how to do it? Isn't that the whole point of paying to learn?
nah it's a module that's mixed up of a few different classes, most of which do 3D. My course has never done 3D before and they just expect us to complete it somehow.

also I'm Scottish so free education kek
I guess you get what you pay for, then.
>Inb4 assuming i'm American
Pretty much, sums up how dire the education system is here. We'll get a degree but it wont be worth as much as someone from elsewhere who's paid for it
Honestly that sounds pretty bonkers. I guess maybe giving you things about harder, but if you lot haven't even learnt 3D in the course?

Did anyone talk to the lecturer? What did they say? I'm curious how they could justify it.

Anyway best of luck anon
uv mapping is one of the easiest things to do in 3d.
>cut uv
>unfold button
>smooth uv tool
>layout uv button
wow so hard. Maya literally does all the work for you.

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