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File: topogun.jpg (86 KB, 960x380)
86 KB
Does any of you know a link to download a cracked topogun ?
just pony up for headus uv layout
I have to use topogun :/
you have to produce work, the tools are unimportant
>op asks for a retopo software
>tell him to use a shitty uv unwrapping program
yes... but i NEED topogun
its 100$...
come on, you dont need it
just use blender retopo tools
File: 1474482219075.jpg (7 KB, 249x203)
7 KB
i'm all for blender, but i need topogun for it being topogun, that's the reason i need topogun, to learn topogun, because work
>ded software
then buy it?
if for work tell your boss you need it and to buy it?
guess that's what's gonna happen in the end ...
I kinda don't get your point, what difference does it make to "topogun" if he uses other free software(blender) instead of cracked Topogun and he succeeds in his goal anyway?
think about it. he'll be comfortable with that free soft already and there are even smaller chances for him to ever buy topogun,
whenif he cracks it and does the job with it, he'll eventually but Topogun, people like you are dumb IMHO,
I've bought many softwares because I've got cracked versions at one time and I liked them, and believe me many many people do that way, (who are making money with it anyway)
and all the people I know who love and adore Vray and now own it is because they had cracked version at some point,
Topogun is IMO better than Blender(I have used both) for retopo.
I personally would chose topogun over blender only for the smooth brush (although the other topogun tools like like the cylinder topology thingy are also a great time saver). Not getting topology distributed like shit helps the animators and makes your models look more professional.
>i only pirate to test it ;)
oh fuck off
we all pirate since we are cheap as fuck and give a shit
delusional pirates are the worst type of cancer, just man up and stop making excuses

but if your work is literally to retopo and requires the package you have no excuse for not owning it when it costs 100$
also retopo is the easiest part of the modeling process, you can do with any main package by this point, even if some do it much better and faster
So... no link ?
where the fuck did you saw "i only pirate to test it"
I pirate since it exists, but I also buy things which I really really need,

google fucking: - "topogun 2 torrent" are you fucking dumb??
and if some miracle happens and you catch malaware what do you think will happen? your dick will fly off ? somehow malawares and shitty viruses equal to aids in peoples brains ....
if you'll catch something then google " how to delete/fix "virus" " and you'll fix it
It's true, though, at my last job we used a cracked version of plate-n-sheet(a metal sheet pattern program) and eventually bought it, because it's so damn good.
OP here, so i found it on CGpersia after all...
If you cant afford a $100 piece of software you might as well give it up
Or you can download a demo instead of horribly justifying pirating a $100 program
>>> TOP GUN <<<

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