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does blender have an equivalent to 3ds maxs subdivide modifier? i found it great, when used with relax, to make weathered/eroded objects.

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Try the remesh modifier

thanks, ive tried experimenting with the remesh modifier but it doesn't preserve the shape of more complex objects
I think the Subdivide modifier along with Split Edges MIGHT work.

Just the Subdivide modifier smooths everything out, though, dummy.

You're misunderstanding the purpose and results of that particular subdivide modifier.


Thanks. I'll give that a go but not confident itll work. Would be handy to have a modifier that'll convert a mesh into evenly sized triangles while preserving it's shape.

yes blender has a subdivide modifier ...
i am not 100% sure what effect you exactly are trying to recreate

But overall you can get a lot more controll over the modifier and how it affects your modell by using either directly the split edge modifier


you can do it by hand to a much greater extent trough assigning crease weights (not sure if weight is the right word here)

oh and to convert faces into triangles you can do that trough the face special menu in edit mode.

(ctrl+f and then select quads to tris or tirangulate quads or something like that)

But the result most likley will need a lot of fine tuning (a lot of which can be somewhat done by selecting even areas and pressing shift+alt+f.

This will try and average and even out the selected faces in relatin to each other.

Not perfect but it will probably make the job a bit easier for you.
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blender has a subdivision surface modifier and in it you can change the algorithm from "catmull-clark" to "simple". what this does is subdivides the geometry without changing the model's shape. then it would just be a matter of going into edit mode and ctrl-t to triangulate each polygon.

going off of the link you provided, i have not came across a tool in blender that would help make each traingle equilateral. you might get lucky and find a script someone made, but i'm certainly not aware of one.
use the normal subdivide modifier, then in edit mode edge crease (shift e) edges to adjust your smoothing
There's also a triangulate modifier in blender, just sayin
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blender used to have a beautify subdivide option that would subdivide longer edges first and then work its way down. This feature is now missing. Most of the suggestions in this thread completely miss what OP is trying to do.

you retard

You might as well just subdivide with no smoothing then

triangulate doesnt add smaller details on large surfaces like OP wants.

OP, the closest thing in blender you can mess around with is the sculpt mode. Enable dynamic topology and go wild. It will add the kind of detail you're looking for on the fly but its not a modifier. The detail you set in will be set with no revert option later on down the line.

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