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File: asdasdasd.png (527 KB, 1323x685)
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I started really trying to learn substance painter yesterday and I spent most of today with it as well.

It might just be me, but I'm feeling pretty disillusioned here. I didn't expect to get any great results on day 2, but it's still disheartening and it reminds me of why I usually cling to programs that I already know. I've been trying to learn new 3D things as fast as I can for the past 2 months or so and I think I might be fighting burnout at this point.

My brain is straight up refusing to take in any more knowledge of this program. I want to learn this as fast as I can, but my brain just wants me to slowly soak it in and learn at a slower pace. I think I'm trying to outrun the fact that I might be dumb. Anybody else find themselves with this sort of a "learning new things" problem?
Substance Painter works in the same way that Photoshop does. And in the same way texturing is done in most programs, by creating layers. Understand the layering approach and you\ll be ok in any texturing program be it substance, quixel or whatever you want to use. It took me about a hour to get used to the program
Don't stress yourself too much about it and listen to your inner voice. Slow it down, chill out and take your time.
If you push it too far it pushes back.
Repetition in small doses, while slowly feeding in new stuff, that's the way to go.

Watch the Painter related videos on their youtube channel. A couple of them per day.


And then immediately use the new knowledge.
Spent an hour per day on this for a while and it becomes easy.

I was like you trapped in my comfort zone, the only way to get out of this is to push out into uncharted territory and keep doing it until you comfort zone becomes bigger.
SP isn't super complicated. It's PBR, you have albedo/spec/gloss maps, normal maps, some extras like transparency and whatnot (for glass). You can bake/use masks like AO, curvature, cavity, etc. You can paint directly on your model, or create selection masks based on faces, which is a big plus over Photoshop.

If you feel like you can't get satisfying results, there's basically two reasons: either your texturing knowledge isn't good enough, or your modeling knowledge isn't good enough. Likely a mix of both.

I would argue that being a good modeler is nowadays very important to making assets look good (a good part of asset complexity is determined by the low and high poly details), but texturing is gonna be more important to you if you wanna "learn" substance. And texturing means knowing things like basic properties of different materials, how to replicate their texture (bump/normal), their wear and damage, and so on.

Generally, the tutorials for Substance Painter aren't that good at that, I'm guessing because photorealistic shading/texturing isn't a skill that was invented with SP, but one that artists already had before (they just did their work in PS or other programs). So it doesn't "come" with Substance, it's just that people assume it does.

If you can't find good Substance tutorials, I would advise learning texturing and shaders from tutorials centered around photorealistic rendering (I personally learned it with Vray). Since the whole point of shading in renders *is* material properties, you should find tutorials that teach you exactly that instead of "hurr durr game assets let's skip the most important fundamentals".
Its the same for me, I could texture anything when I had good square textures from the nternet in blender , but I never understand how substance painter works.
For a week or so I could tell howto make good metal materials and so on but when I paint the model ends up looking like complete shit and also even more when you have lower poly models.
File: 3.jpg (1.9 MB, 2000x1500)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
IDK man
I'm pretty new to 3d too but I understood substance from the start
these texturing softwares are fucking easy, be happy that you have not started when there was only photoshop and baking
I did this on first try, but I kinda prefer Quixel
IDK why but quixel Textures look way better IMHO
You need normal details or substance can't play its strength, same is true for Quixel.
If you want to paint Low poly Blizzard styled diffuse-only textures, take 3D-coat.
that is totally related to user input.

All the edge white you're getting is from you dropping generators directly on to fill layers.

Don't do that. Drop a black mask onto the fill layer then drop a generator onto the black mask. This will give you far better fine control over the underlying fill layer with the generator on top.
are you using material presets at all?

looks like you've just painted with orange and black and added some scratches on top
stop bragging, you're not helping OP. and from a pro's perspective I can tell you this texturing looks like shit. It's not a matter of quixel being better or not, if all you do is slap on presets you're gonna have mediocre results in any software.

to OP: The trick is understanding the properties of real materials better, not in understanding SP more deeply.
From a Non pro's perspective, I can tell you this. It doesn't take a pro to see that it looks like dog poo-poo. I also can say I can't do better.
File: MasterSword.jpg (47 KB, 1193x930)
47 KB
This. I started a few days ago and am having a blast. Once the whole "Add Black Mask and then use the UV tool" thing clicked, it's a breeze.

I messed around with 3D Coat first, and while I'll still use that program to UV, the workflow of SP is so much better.
>So many scratches all with the same seed

c'mon you can do better.
File: 161.png (1.02 MB, 1920x976)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Substance Painter is like a mini Photoshop for 3D Artists. Learn how to use layers and generators and you'll have mastered 90% of what makes SP good. Don't give up, it's worth it.
its really not like photoshop at all. if you want 3d photoshop get mari
Can't speak for Mari 3, but I've used Mari 2 at work before and it's utter shit.
Is this screenshot taken in Substance, Marmoset, or a game engine?
Substance Painter viewport (not iray), it's a shame they don't allow you to capture huge ass screenshots.
get gud pls
do you really think that you can just rush up things and become a senior in 2 month? for fuck sake learning takes time and the more you do it the better youll get. and the more you resolve some problem on your own, watching decent tutorials ect... and by the way allegorithmic is fulll of FREE resource on youtube and their main site. so work smart
Sure its easy. what was easy for you was to do a nasty fill layer with the most generic smart mask ever. come on that paint job is all but finished
It wasn't that hard for me to get my head wrapped around it, but maybe fucking around with Ddo legacy for a solid month really helped me see what was going on under the hood of pbr texturing workflows and allowed me to make the jump easier. Maybe check that out?

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