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I am using Resolume Arena 5 to make live visuals for a friend who is dj-ing.His style of music is Technoid/Break Core and other harder drum and bass variants.I need material in form of (short) video clips of gore, darkness, and other evil stuff to soot the music.
Can you give me any advice ? this is the first time im doing this,also i know other photo/video/3d editing/creation software so give me your best idea how complicated it might be
this board is
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rip /3/
Hey, it's pretty complicated if you don't have any experience with video. First things first is get adobe media encoder so you can re-encode whatever source videos you want to DXV.


its way cooler than using premade stuff. just take a flashlight for your subject go somewhere with a black background and shoot some cool shit so you can luma key the black out later.

Also, when you're fucking with resolume, don't think about it as just the picture that you're making. realize that the light rays from the projector need to look cool while theyre in the air as well, so avoid just doing one big block of light. try to have different beams of different colors in the air.

Good luck, most people bomb their first show.
i plan on cutting old movie and millitary tech shit,also make some 3ds max renders.
i have an akai mpd18 so i hope i can paste together some nice visuals,thanx for advice

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