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Trying to rig this rifle cocking mechanism. First time trying out rigging w/o tutorials. Can't figure out how to get the piston to travel only on one axis. It's assigned to the green bone in the GIF. I want it to slide along one axis like a piston in a rifle would.

Any help/explanations would be welcome.
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Try these.
>w/o tutorials

That's your problem. There are some good tutorials on mechanic rigging in blender on YT which explain how more than half of the rigging is made with all sorts of constrains and also empties.
>That's your problem.

I think he means after doing tutorials, he's now trying to do something on his own to apply what he's learned

Hey anon. That looks very interesting. I'm not entirely sure what's happening but I'm gonna give it a try. I'll let you know how it turns out in a moment. Thanks a lot.
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Alright. I tried out some things from here and it did work out. pic related. Again, thanks a lot anon.

But there's still a little bit of an issue. When I move the whole armature, it screws it up. Not an issue right now because I don't really need to move the object. But I might have to in the future so it would be nice to know how to fix this. pic in the next post.
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Hey guys! I was able to make a very simple IK rig and get it to work.

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