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File: 2mcc134.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
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What makes Maya better for animation compared to other software out there?

I use cinema4D and having recently bought zBrush because Mudbox isn't being updated and can't really match the zBrush workflow i'm wondering if i'm holding on with animating in Cinema4D when i've kept hearing Maya is better for animation etc.
Maya has for the most part, better tools in animation for the industry. You can call it a meme or /3/, but it's actually very easy to work with once you get into it. Only other program I would think is easier to animate in would be Source Film Maker, but even then that's only for the animation aspect for beginners. SFM does not have the technical and diverse power like Maya, which is why Maya > SFM. If SFM ever gets PBR and a beefier engine, I could see it being very useful for quick renders but strong visuals.

Use Maya, for now.

Any details on the differences? I mean i'm already experienced animating with Cinema4D so any information on the tools Maya has that make a difference will be helpful.
fps rate
advanced rigs and procedurality / scripting
optimized for animation
older so most of the studio have maya to animate and other software to do other tasks
Well due to the shitty subscription based services you wont be able to afford maya unless academic. Maya strong suit is its scripting language. Only affordable software is 4d and lightwave
C4D's animation layers are horribly buggy and broken. Maya's are not.

That should be reason enough, honestly.
Once you have a commanding facility with MEL you can start upcharging and doing stuff no one else can do but you.
File: 1460562254593.gif (29 KB, 714x536)
29 KB
I've been doing 3d for close to a decade and never had anyone answer with an actual feasible reason other than "It's tools are just better."

Pretty sure maya being better for animation is either a meme, or its slightly easier to use to the point that it doesn't even really make a difference.
not OP but does anyone have any good crash course tutorial vids for getting a good animation workflow in maya? I can animate with it but my organization is pretty crappy atm.
You do 3d for a decade, but you know nothing about Maya, except that people tell you it has better tools, but YOU INSIST on having a different not-informed opinion and you even have the chuzpe to utter it here.
Congratulation Sir, you are an IDIOT.

Has the thought crossed your mind that Maya could be best because it actually has the best animation tools, which is demonstrated by the fact that EVERY fucking blockbuster uses Maya for animation.
I swear to god I'm going to cockslap the next person who uses the word "meme" incorrectly. Read your Dawkins you ignorant fucks.
Not sure if you're memeing me or not
He's calling you autistic.
>Maya could be best because it actually has the best animation tools, which is demonstrated by the fact that EVERY fucking blockbuster uses Maya for animation.

I'm not anyone else in this thread, but you realize this is circular right?

Some valid answers that have appeared in this thread: better performance, advanced rigs, procedural animations, strong scripting capabilities, well documented and mature system, working animation layers, and strangers will offer to cockslap you.
Now compare that to Cinema 4d with worse performance, standard rigs, littlebit of procedural animations, weak scripting capabilities, well documented and mature but feature limited, broken animation layers and on top of that, strangers will think you're a gay Mac-user.

Now don't get me wrong i like Cinema4d; i've used it for years and still do, but if you try do do something more complex and you hit an invisible glass ceiling you know why and when to simply use the better tool to get the job done.

I give you one example:


Try to build a rig with physically correct simulated bouncing (self)colliding tits with accurate volume
preservation in Cinema4d and you see what i mean.

Or try running a Rig with integrated Ragdoll so you can blend between animation and physics in realtime. That alone is possible. But what about 5 rigs running with 60 fps and with smoothing on top?
Have fun animating a fight scene when your Rigs alone eat up 70% of your performance.

Maya got way better in terms of multithreading, Cinema's is still limited (the object manager the core of the program is still running only on one core).

We might rightfully hate Autodesk, but they're actually putting lots of effort into making Maya great again, no i mean make the program better and easier and stable and it shows while C4d's development is very slow and boring since a couple of releases.
Does anyone know if there are any animation formats that are based on joint rotations instead of keyframe positions?
If price is ever an issue, just go blender. I kid you not the reason people don't like it is because they are lazy and it's a weird tool to learn.
I do basic animation in C4D and haven't had any problems with the layers; while it's entirely possible I'm not doing dense enough stuff to run up against the ceiling, what specifically is buggy about them?

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