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Lets see if you guys can help where reddit probably wont. Maya user here using max for the first time and run into a wall... how the blooming bloody heck do I do this in max?

the black & white maps are obviously alphas... I need this in one material applied to the model using different UV sets - only I have no idea how to do it in max and I cant find anything online for the technique of doing this...

The closest ive got is make three materials and then a multisub object to combine them into one however this means reading the colour map three times which I dont want... I think..... who am I?.... going mad.
Crate uv unwraps of the sections you want and then create the textures and render them in engine like unity unreal marmoset rage ect that way you get a better render and have all the maps separately done.
youtube how to set up multiple UV channels for different UV tiles (so you can use tiled maps and lightmaps) and export your model as FBX
Use a multi/sub-object material and assign the different parts with their respective material IDs in the Edit Poly panel. You want to mix them though, you'll need to do it with the Slate material editor nodes. For using multiple UVs, check out Map channels:

Add multiple UVW Map/Unwrap UVW modifiers and assign them to different map channels. Create the three different materials you need and assign their alpha textures to the different map channels. Merge the materials into a single Multi/Sub-Object Material, apply it to your model and assign each face the correct Material ID.

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