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So, I'm working in C4D R17 and have fought hard to finish this scene (kinda new to the whole thing, so it's been a learning experience) Anywho, I finally finished it, using an adobe fuse model and mixamo auto rig and animations. It runs fine in the edit view, but as soon as I render view or render it, the model disapears...I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this to work, andy help is greatly apreciated
in the item list there must be some button that activates the render visibility.

Do i see a dildo there in the right image?
No, actually it's supposed to be a turd. I've been learning several forms of cartoons over the last few years, and it's kinda been tradition to make the first sample cartoon poop, it was more detailed, but I'd started over so many times that I just made a long capsule
I'm not sure how new you are, so this is written with the assumption that you are very.
I'm not at my desktop right now, so I can't screenshot it, but the only explanation is that you accidentally turned render visibility off on your model.
Although there is another possibility involving layers, you'd have to intentionally have gone in and added it, so I'm going to assume that's not the case.

In the object manager (the list of shit in your scene off to the right on a default layout), your model, and each model in the scene as well, should have two circles next to it.

The topmost one will either be green(on) or gray(default, which is on). The top circle indicates if your object is visible in the viewport or not.
The bottom one is render visibility, it's MOST LIKELY red. Simply click it to gray or green, and your model will show up in a render.
If it's already gray or green, you've got something else going on. Post your object manager if this is the case.
Forgot to add:
There are a few more possibilities. It could be a transparency issue with textures, or it could have something to do with the fact that you are in face mode.
Cinema for whatever reason has ridiculously stupid bugs involving characters and weighting that only show up under specific circumstances.
While I doubt that is the case, it's worth keeping in mind.
I thought thaat too earlier, but I've gone over it a million times and all the dots are grey
Is it possible then it has something to do with your textures? In your material manager it seems like "Topmat" "Bottommat" "Shoesmat" and the one below are all fully transparent.

Perhaps double check those. Even if it doesn't seem transparent in the viewport, Cinema is a wonky program.
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Not too good with what things are called yet, what are those 3 things?
File: textures.jpg (237 KB, 1336x722)
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Circled and underlined.

As far as I can tell in
Your screenshot, this is a transparency issue. I'm really not sure why Cinema is showing it as a solid texture in the viewport but whatever. Cool program.

If you click on each of these, they should have a "Transparency" channel checked and probably set to 100%.
If you disable the transparency channel on each material, it's possible your model may show up in a render.

I believe the bottom-most one may have an alpha channel on instead of transparency? Not certain, but it's possible.
The only problem with disabling it on that specific material is that you will lose the alpha on your eyelashes, if it exists.

To circumvent this, you could consider duplicating the material, unchecking the alpha/transparency only on that duplicated material, and then applying that to your body, but I don't know if this is getting beyond what you know how to do.
That did it!!! Thank you sOOOOOOOOOO much man!!!!
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Though now i'm getting this error
Nevermind...Not sure what I did, but it's rendering properly now
Like the program said, there was no path and name specified, so it can render but it doesn't safe the file.
also see

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