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File: ill_warrior_2_head.png (169 KB, 551x397)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Hi anons,
I have a head model and a diffuse map associated to the head. I edited the poly. How do I edit my diffuse map to match my edited head?
Can you give me the steps? Thanks.
write that again, in English this time

left model is diffuse, right is diffuse and normal map, the fuck you trying to do?
I'm gonna assume you mean that the textures are now fucked up, as you edited the mesh AFTER applying materials?

You can avoid that shit by COLLAPSING the layers and shit of the model, creating thus an "empty" Editable Poly / Mesh, which olds the textures pretty accurately in place even if you edit triangles. However, too much edits, and you will have to re-adjust the UVMs.
give up. you can't do this. just stop.

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