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Anyone have experience with Cinema 4D? I mainly have an After Effects and Film background. I was told it plays nice with AE and is the easiest of the programs to pick up?
C4D is good and it does work well with AE. In the industry, it's mainly used for motion graphics but it has more features than that. I used it for three years at work before we made the switch to Maya.
You can right-click on nearly everything and scroll down to "show help" and it will jump to the according chapter of the Help files, which btw are great to teach you what all this shit means.
Use this feature!
It can do everything Maya and Max can and it's been that way for years, that stupid "HURR IT'S JUTS FOR MOTION GRAPHICS" is an age old stupid 3d meme, I have no idea why people keep repeating that shit.

Personally I use it vor Archviz but you can do pretty much anything in it and the interface is way more intuitive than Autodesk programs. It does have good AE integration.
i've seen 12 year olds making decent-looking c4d animations at youtube so yeah it's pretty easy to get into. with ae cc you can drag and drop .c4d files onto after effects (asuming you know element 3d) i recommend you try some of the greyscalegorilla tutorials they're really fun to do and usually nick tries to explain how things work not just 'press this and click that' like most people at youtube. for the motions graphic part you might want to learn the c4d graph editor+shortcuts it's just so much easier than the one on ae. i also have a list of plugins for stuff like isolating one part of a big model group with one click or automatically align the anchor point of things or drop stuff into the 'floor' plugins like those could save tons of hours.


I love C4D. It can do everything (though, like any suite, it has it's strong points and weak points).

The UI is fantastic, and the thing pretty much never crashes.
>The UI is fantastic
This is basically the entire reason I've stuck with it, even after trying to pick up Maya and Max. The UI is perfect.
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>road tumbleweed

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