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2016 Presidential Election Results Thread Anonymous

File: rig.png (30 KB, 648x432)
30 KB
moving a 800.000 faces mesh in object makes blender stuttering. its turning in low fps. what the hell is that? my CPU is going up to 50% when that is happening. is that normal? I have a pretty ok rig pic related
Probably the single channel RAM
physical memory usage never goes above 5 gb
so the only thing I can do is to lower the preview of my multiresolution modifier to 0 when working on my animations I guess. Still I am very disappointent on the performance of my rig
Its not really a problem of your machine, its an Blender specific problem.
Too much geo and Blender goes on his knees.
Try the same scene with C4d or Max/Maya and your Rig will not stutter.
Why do you have a 1060 and a single channel of RAM. And you wonder why your computer is starting to shit bricks.
Blender chokes when dealing with hi-poly objects. A big contributor of that is virtually all of Blender's modifers is being processed through the CPU, and it's probably singlethreaded. It seems like the devs never heard of hardware T&L. The only modifier that can be GPU accelerated is the Subsurf modifier via opensubdiv.
I'm curious about this subject. I've come to my own conclusions that if I'm handed a 500k+ model that I'm not going to do shit with it.

If it's a simplistic shape, I'll simply recreate it from scratch and demonstrate the power of multi-res and subsurface division modifiers to show that you can have a insanely high vert model AND be able to toggle it down to a low vertex form where it's easy to manipulate.

If it's a high-vert sculpt, I just flatout refuse it unless I'm given a blend project file that is already utilizing the mult-res modifier.

I have a pretty nice computer, but like this guy says >>541094
>Blender chokes when dealing with hi-poly objects

It's unbearable working with high vert models in Blender.
Not OP but I also have a single 16 gb channel. should I get another 16 gb channel or replace with 2x 8 gb?
Two 16gb would be great for rendering. Get 64gb and that would also be great. Might need a bigger PSU though, who knows.
What do you mean by "moving"? My spec worse than yours and I can move 4m tris suzanne with 60+ fps. 16m tris with 20fps.
File: modeling.png (23 KB, 728x447)
23 KB
having 16 gb is a meme and overkill for gameing. but for stuff like modeling its pretty weak. I recommend 32gb minimum
this is odd. OP here. I tried that monkey head with a multiresolution modifier and subdivided 8 times. so it has 64 million tris and it I can move it with ok 20 fps. but my model which I did with makehuman which has a armature but only 3 million tris causes more issues. what could couse that.
Most likely an OpenGL issue, VBOs could be off etc. A lot of old legacy 1.x-2.x stuff is still supported so it's slower than what you have on other packages. There is an initiative to modernize the viewport with 2.8.
GPU vertex shading & skinning doesn't help much for a 3D modelling program like blender, because the data is needed on the CPU for other things, such as physics simulation etc. Sending the data to the GPU for transformation, then reading it back is unreliable and slow.

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