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Just saw this video. It is litterally the only video this channel has ever made, only 100 subscribers, but somehow they had the funds to create this video. Obviously they're funded by a big person. But how long would it take to create a video like this, and more importantly. How much does something like this COST?

Solid 3 months of work by 3 people who know what they doing + rendering in a studio that does ads or shorts for a while now, +voice recording, or 3 weeks by a small 10 man studio studio
Thats a really high quality render with very good composition, the model is hand animated and has morph maps based facial rig, audio quality is also insanely good and has full clothing simulation on top. Even his fucking suit has a full fur for tiny strands layer. And motion blur and dof are render time killers.
And look at that hair aliasing, the fuck was the sample rate for each pixel? Its better than what i just saw while watching BFG a big hollywood movie,

No way this was done by any amateurs. I would say it costed 100k$ to produce minimum.
Problem is that the render quality is just insane, they would have to cough up for a render farm, and here with 5000 frame and 5 hours per frame easy on a i7 this would be around 10,000$ for the render alone
For U$10K, i can get the same result. Less than two months.
what the fuck did i just watch
>How much does this cost?
It costs a few sleepless nights and lots of IQ
is that real step motion or just cgi?
Exactly how much IQ do I need to spend on something like this?
This is obviously a Hillary-funded video
Enough to compensate for the IQ you lose when you watch it.

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