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So I started using Blender about 3 weeks ago and about 3 or so days after getting started I figured I should start lurking here. I have really only lurked a couple times and something I have noticed has me a little concerned with my choice in Blender.

With that, I want to ask. Why do so many of you hate/ dislike Blender?

Right now im mostly using blender for my own personal projects but intend to integrate it into my graphic design business for product rendering and maybe more if I get better / good enough to do other stuff.
Here's some good advice from an expert:
Disregard all the bullshit on this board. It would be better for you if you didn't lurk here. Instead I would advise you to read (!) beginner tutorials and learn as many of the keyboard shortcuts as you can. Then slowly start watching videos. Choose the ones where the person has screen cast enabled so you can see what they're typing at all times.
Go to blenderartists.org for more support. This place only has angry, impatient teenagers.
no reason.

people produce garbage with blender because the tutorial are not up to par with how fast the industry is moving. blender as a program is up to par but the tutorials aren't.

iv seen blender reels that blown me away, and that's only from the top 10% artists who really dug in and explored the program
>Why do so many of you hate/ dislike Blender?

It's just a board meme, like squatz 'n oats on /fit/ or "playstation home gaming consoles have no games"

The fact that it's free, runs on almost any hardware, and has really ugly default settings (for the love of god, stop using the grey World setting as your only light source!) so you end up with a lot of garbage much the way you get lots of garbage pbrush.exe doodles
Pretty much everything I see come out of Blender I can tell is done in Blender, that kind of plasticy ugly blinn material, with really shallow lighting and just generally blatantly CG.

I've seen one or two images which have surprised me, but the vast majority of people using Blender have ugly renders. Plus why even bother using it? You can get Maya / 3ds on educational license for free, obviously you're not legally allowed to sell objects from those, but then I can't imagine there's much demand for selling blender models at all.
Advice taken. Blender Tutorials have replaced most of my entertainment during whatever free periods I have, I actually like this stuff so much that learning about it is entertaining. Thank you for the very solid advice.

I have seen some blender reels and they certainly inspire me, but from a newbie to a person who knows this stuff, what demo reels have blown you away? I ask so I can maybe better set myself some goals.

Ah ok, good clear answer, thank you.
i already forgot what reels i watched

anyways. there are only a few good youtube channels for blender.
and if you are planning using blender for professional purposes, or even have good work go to cgcookie or cgmasters, or alternatively pirate their tutorials.
>Plus why even bother using it?

It's light weight, it's open source so you (or more importantly other people can and do) write their own code for it, and if you really really learn the ins and outs you can make good looking shit

>I've seen one or two images which have surprised me

Check out Gleb Alexandrov


Check out these works:


or check out the monthly picks from blenderguru:


Even if you don't like the style or art direction choices, you can still agree that these renders are industry level

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