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Right /3/ something a little different.
You all hate on art school and I know why, but it's my dream to do 3d modeling as a carer. I need to go to Uni to do this. I have no fucking free time to even get anywhere near industry level. So is it worth it, do any of you have any experience working in that carer professional or know of anybody who does.

Will i be wasting my time and money or should i just neet it for the next 5 years.
How do you have a dream to do something as a career if you've never tried it?

It's not like you're 5 and you arbitrarily pick a career path.
>You all hate on art school

That's a meme, don't get tricked (just like the "Blender is shit!!!!" meme). That said, the only schools worth going to are the best ones: Gnomon, Full Sail, possibly that one in France, possibly that one in Canada

Going to anything but one of the top schools is a waste, because those top schools have industry veterans and contacts within the biz that will get you a job (so long as you're not an asshole or an autist).

If you can't go to Gnomon or Full Sail, pirate the Gnomon DVDs and learn those. Self taught is tremendously difficult, unless you've had the bug for it since the age of 8, you're just not going to be able to keep up with it and it'll take you 5 years to learn what 2 years of school would have taught you.

Also, obviously, you need a portfolio before you can even apply and you should have spent a couple hundred hours doing 3D on your own anyway to determine if it's really want you want to do. Gnomon and Full Sail aren't going to make you into a 3D artist (well, I suppose technically their DVDs will), they're going to make you a BETTER artist.
Which one in Canada are you talking about?
there are prob more good ones that Anon mentioned, I will go to one in Germany .
I think you should just search for top 100 lists of 3d art schools or just google for schools in your country, and then make sure to check some reviews for it. There are really shitty ones in germany aswell which might be good at the first look but if you check the google reviews its not. I personally have been given a number to call someone and give me places
Full sail? Wtf meng you on crack
As soon as you said Full Sail you destroyed your credibility. The only thing you want to go to Full Sail for is contacts.

School portfolios tell you ten thousand words on whether it's a good school to get into or not. Using that information alongside the schools credibility record you will know whether a school can help you achieve the things you wish to do. However realize that school is only half of it. If you are lazy and undisciplined you will end up like >>540691 over here and have enrollment remorse and shove Full Sail everywhere you go. So while you are studying at the school of choice remember to make friends and network. It's a huge deal wherever you go because it can mean instantaneous employment with your peers and contacts. Second, you need to actively exceed school work and learn out of school hours to propel yourself to the top of your classes. Final note, You can learn everything you learn in school out of it, but school isn't worthless. It gives you drive, teachers, deadlines, and contacts if done correctly. Ultimately it's up to you whether or not you want to go, just at the very least of all this check out the school reels that are put out each year. If they suffer in quality you will know it's not a 3D school, or even further - a better school.

Good luck.
>school portfolio

oh really. picking 1 student out of every semester makes a portfolio?

But art school is a meme. You have to pay out your ass for something you can learn yourself. You can spend a fraction of that cost on a good workstation and a good slave for rendering. Get a 1070 or 1080 for less than a single course and have literally live feedback on materials and lighting. It doesn't take 5 years to do 2 years of learning, unless you're either a retard or have no motivation. And if you have no motivation, this is probably not for you. Your portfolio speaks for your skill level, not some shitty certificate that costs tens of thousands of dollars that just says you sat through some old dudes class, who didn't go to school for it, explaining how to use a clay build up brush for a semester. If you want better renders, learn some cinematography and basic light and optics physics and some math. Spend 400 on a year of VRScans and poof, perfect materials.
i disagree that art school is a meme, and im saying this as self taught.

some people need direction, others need motivation or a push to get ahead. you don't have that at home.
matter of fact, building a portfolio at home feels more uncertain (unless you are tippy top workoholic and willing to push yourself)
If someone has no motivation to do this, then they should look into a different field. It's like the people who go to art school without any artistic skills. They're just doing it to be edgy. I look at portfolios all the time, and most are just copying and modifying what they see others do. There's no point making the same creature or mech that everyone else did. Someone original makes something good, people see it and then try to copy. That's how we get shit games and movies. You also get people who have the skills to make insanely good stuff, but lack any vision, so they just make boring stuff.

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