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File: colt1911.png (914 KB, 1220x740)
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914 KB PNG
need critique. Modeling blender. Texturing SP.
IMO Grip looks like something between leather and shit. I've always had an issue with plastic things
It's good desu. As you said, the grip is a bit off, but the trigger seems like the weirdest thing to me, probably should look at references?
File: Used-Colt-1911.jpg (338 KB, 1350x845)
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338 KB JPG
The overall grunge and edge damage with the rather orange/brown metal tint makes it more look like stone than metal to be honest.

Try to go a bit more to the blue-ish side and while I do like the edge damage in general, the random side damage might require some extra work.

The handle might also look a bit better if you try a different color like black to contrast the currently almost similar dark toned metal.

So either try to darken the metal if you want to keep using a brown handle, or try a different/darker color for the grip. (See picture).

The metal itself also is rather one colored, so try to variate that after making it a bit more blue, to then also make some random color variations in it to spicen up the overall tone of the metal.

For the rest it's a pretty good start I must say, so keep up the good work!
not sure if the checker pattern is correct
i think the trigger needs to comeout forward
something about the scale of the pistol is off but i can't put my finger on it

the wear is good

7/10 overall, needs better render too
Rendered in Marmoset?
Looks pretty good, I have some nitpicks below.

Lighting kinda sucks, put it on a background that makes it pop, it's hard to see if some of the details are right

The hammer and sight look simplified (bits that should be rounded, or cut out), also I don't know the proper term (slide, I think?) but the top of the gun where there's metal triangle cutouts and stuff, your model needs to be sharper there; shit's supposed to be press cut metal like done with a machine not with a handle file

The patina doesn't look authentic, for example there should be pitting where it was fired
looks accurate, but the render is off
blued guns polish down with wear and have more of a shiny ghostly look. This looks like it was never oiled or blued also the checkering looks fuzzy which I think would be the easiest fix. It the grips were removed by someone in a rush or with too large a screwdriver, the checkering around the screws would have some scratches.

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