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File: Furshit Body modeled.jpg (276 KB, 2048x2048)
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so i'm trying to model a pice for D&D night any beginner tips to make it less shit?
Buddy is getting dangerously furry and this is for him so........
Get better friends
File: UntitledFUrshit.png (1.56 MB, 953x1119)
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WOOPS wrong image

Separate the ears? They're like, connected together and not sticking out at all. Also fix the holes in the shoulders, wrists etc.

What the heck is that software?
Tabletop Simulator.

It's a game.
Well, not exactly.

More of a sandbox, but it allows you to play board games and card games and a bunch of other shit, online with friends.
It's pretty fun sometimes.

What's it like to work with. Can you make hack and slash RPGs with it?
It's just mainly a board game simulator. But everything has physics so you can move the pieces, instead of built in coding and stuff.
you just play the game as you would in real life.

So it would require everyone playing to have the software. You can't export a stand alone for your game?
Dont think of it as software though.
It's a video game, you buy it on steam and play with your friends. Its got workshop integration so people can mod in different board games.
Maybe this will explain it better than I can.
>op here

d&d group fell apart any tips for a guy who enjoyed making this "thing" want to get deeper into it but i really don't get texturing.
it probably fell apart because they were fucking furries.
File: Butt Chess.jpg (84 KB, 750x548)
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Well if for nothing else this thread has been useful for introducing me to table top simulator which should let me game with my friends when I'm on the road.

The tutorials for it seem horribly outdated. It shows you need to have all your content online which it doesn't seem to be the case any longer you can have the content local.

Doesn't seem that users can create animated content at this time which is a bummer. It'll only import OBJ and not FBX so no rigging. There doesn't seem to be a transparency map channel either. All textures have to be on a single image too so you can't have multiple materials and UVs.

What the hell is the scale it imports the models as? Everything I import is freaking huge and even at the smallest scale is too big to be useful so it's clearly not 1unit = 1cm.

Okay. I think I got it figured out. Exporting at 1.15% seems to keep the figures in scale with the RPG miniatures. Pretty neat program.
File: tabletop materials.jpg (93 KB, 934x474)
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Okay, figured out how to get the models to take the colour change. It only applies the colour setting to whatever the first material zone is on your model. So just stick to two material zones, one named 000 and the other 001 and you can make it so the pedestal of your model can have the colour changed, (or the figure if that's what you want to change).
bump for op because i want to see his progress
How the hell do you do transparencies in TTS when it doesn't offer a transparency map and wants you to use jpegs?

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