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File: FirstSculpt.png (196 KB, 1000x937)
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196 KB PNG
Hello, this is my first time on the board and my first attempts at sculpting, so I am a total noob and I apologize if I am asking dumb questions.

I wanted to try a 3d program and chose Sculptris because it is free and seems more intuitive and to have less scary interfaces than other programs. What are people's thoughts on it as a program? My goals at the moment are not anything like creating some model that can be in-game...no, I just want to have some fun sculpting and maybe create some things that I can use as reference because I am a 2d artist.

I have a few specific questions to ask about it, but first I will post up the two sculpts I have made so far, then I will show the exact problems I want to find solutions for.

Both general feedback/advice and specific answers are welcome.
File: SkullSculpt.png (783 KB, 1674x1000)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
My second sculpt...
File: SculptrisProblem2.png (78 KB, 624x500)
78 KB
Okay specific question about the horse. I attached an image showing a closeup where I had two problems.

1) In blue, you can see the hooves were tough and I left them blobby paddle shapes. How would you go about creating a nice would shape for them with a crisp edge on it? Is it possible to slice off something?

2) In the red, there was this weird ertifact blobby shape that appeared on my tail, and I wasn't sure how to get rid of it. I tried flattening it, smoothing it, using the reduce brush, but nothing seemed to work.
File: SculptrisProblem1.png (85 KB, 666x300)
85 KB
On this one I ran into the issue of how to connect pieces, or to punch a hole through them. In this closeup the zygomatic arch should connect to the main skill, but I don't know how to do this. Is this even possible in Sculptris? Alternatively I would like to punch a hole through forms, like that would both be an alternate way of handling this section and could be used like creating a hole between the jaw and under the zygomatic near the teeth.

So is it even possible to create a donut shape in Sculptris?
I forgot, I have one last question, regarding rendering in Sculptris. As you can see in the skill images I had fun with the default materials they have, but I would like to be able to create my own materials or change the lighting. Is it possible to create a light source that I can move around? If not, can the sculpture be brought into another program to do this?
Sorry made some typos before

>creating a nice would shape
*creating a nice round shape

>weird ertifact
*weird artifact

> As you can see in the skill images
*skull images

1 Sculptris might be too limited I dont know I havn't used it. In zbrush you would use a polish or flatten brush. You can ignore the majority of zbrush's interface, you can even customize it to look like sculptris, give it a try.
File: Woman_nosymmetry.png (1.71 MB, 2820x2370)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Ah I see. Is it possible to do similar in Blender or some other free program? I don't want to drop 800$ on a program I am using as a hobby, and am not really keen on pirating, though I may do that if Sculptris really is too limited for what I want.

Attached is another sculpt I did today in Sculptris, probably went overboard with how many angles I showed but I'm amazed at 3d and being able to see it from different angles. I tried on this one to have symmetry off from the very start so I had to manually sculpt it evenly and could get an asymmetric pose.
you can do a trial of zbrush to check it out

and then if you like it tournentnt it from cgpeers
File: 1478437979668.jpg (459 KB, 718x709)
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459 KB JPG
Another complete noob here.

Is it possible to use multiple materials in sculptris? Like when I pick a material for a sphere all of the spheres in the scene becomes same material, how can I prevent that if possible?
I don't think any program works like Sculptris does. It has some of my favorite tools from the way they work and behave.
Really wish Zbrush had a Crease tool like Sculptris does. Tried a trial of it and there are like 25 different tools that all do nearly the same thing.
I don't think you can, you could try separating the objects and exporting and .obj and put them together in some other program.
>Is it possible to do similar in Blender

Yes absolutely, Blender doesn't have a trim brush (for some stupid reason) but you can make one very easily

Blender is really powerful but the default settings are shit; there's practically no built in textures or brushes, and you need to install or enable a lot of (free) add-ons

This guy's channel is amazing (but not really for learning), https://www.youtube.com/user/alexkovalev1985/videos

This channel is for learning, and this video is good:
>...probably went overboard with how many angles I showed but I'm amazed at 3d and being able to see it from different angles.
Maybe you'd be interested in https://sketchfab.com/
I don't know too much about it, but it's a place to upload your 3d models and then you can show them to people, and they can look at it from every angle.

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