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File: demonhuntere.png (804 KB, 1066x950)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
Hi, rate my demon hunter.
not mine? what do you mean?
the sculpt is really good
what about the bottom part?
File: bottom.png (427 KB, 723x889)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
thank you :>, the bottom is not really finished, but i am planning on adding some clothes and finishing feet
What did you make this in? Im a noob, but it looks really good :)
Thanks :) i made this in zbrush
It's good, i like it. Maybe the muscles and veins are a tad too pronounced making him look a bit dehydrated but still.
Did you use a tutorial or how did you go about it?
File: 1478543041800.png (1.69 MB, 2368x944)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
What is this? I don't think this muscle exists.

Looks pretty good, otherwise.
>it's a demon muscle
Its from flexing the chest I imagine, which that guy isnt doing. It is a bit overaccentuated though

Is that achievable natty?
File: bodybuilder-chesst.jpg (128 KB, 1270x562)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
the sloppy anatomy really triggers me
chest muscles are connected to the clavicle, not under it
the bigger they are the less it is visible as it gets covered in layers of muscle

the neck muscles are connected to the ribcage, to the sternum not to the clavicle, so they go below it, there is a big hole between both clavicle bones that they occupy

you also lost one ab tendous separation, its an 8 pac not a 6 pack
What are fucking gay?
you fuckng retard that pose is different than your model.
The anatomy is pretty good.
The render is shit though.

The Pecs Major are actually "kinda" divided in major and minor groups. It can be like that, but it's kinda in the extremities in the clavicle are "kinda" too near the center of the body.

ALso the clavicle isn't " S shaped" enough, making the shoulders pretty tiny
I haven't used any reference picture when i sculpted this so that's why it looks unrealistic. Thanks for the tips, next time i'll use a reference :>
Looks like that weird Arlong 3d model
I didn't use a tutorial, i just sculpted this because i was playing warcraft 3 recently
>than your model.
Wait, you think op replied to himself criticizing his own work?
Jesus, talk about giving new meaning to the word retarded, really hope you are shitposting here,
Good man, Illidan is cool
I'd like to study 3d art but beefcakes like that are so gross to look at. especially in female form.
Anatomy sticklers trigger me. Since do stylized models have to be anatomically correct?
The guy triggers me because the way he over-analyses stuff that the general audience wouldn't pay any attention to, ends up wasting everybody's time and leads to less completed projects. If you dont have a complete project, or something usable, you have nothing.
File: 1478466099909.png (910 KB, 1080x1075)
910 KB
910 KB PNG
>working without ref
Stop it mate
If you cant find beauty in nature and in the human form then art is clearly not for you, at lest not character modeling thats for sure
Wonder what you would say if you had to model a realistic heart
Not to mention you can find female models that are buff but not that cut, or even cut but not buff
The only time your are wasting is your own
If you are not ready to study and improve, then how do you even want to distinguish yourself form the thousands of other artists in this industry?
Especially if you are competing in a work force, good look getting job at naughty dog unless you anatomy isnt perfect
File: pectoralis-critique.jpg (97 KB, 1066x950)
97 KB
looks good so far. the striations on your pectoralis major need some tweeking though; mainly the clavicular section. the little striation that i labeled in green is a thumbs up as some people have this from the angle change of the manubrium. also your rectus abdominis (six pack) is looking good but you gotta change some packs around. there are the main 4 under the thoracic arch (the bottom of the rib cage) and theres two smaller ones above it and under the bottom section of the pectoralis. good job and keep sculpting.
oh forgot to mention the fossa, try adding this to give more believability to your sculpts. it's a small furrow between the deltoid and the pec major.
clavicle is not visible with defined pecs, so your paint over is wrong there
your pecs splits are also in wrong places
same goes for your delts and abs, first abdominal tendinous subdivision can still happen on the ribcage, but dosnt have to, its only the case if you have those weird 6 pack abs instead of normal looking ones

sorry to break your paintover apart like that, but if you gonna be so particular about it make sure you know anatomy very well
File: pectoralis-critique_2.jpg (237 KB, 1296x950)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Your right about the clavicle not being shown because the clavicular section of the pec major sits up on the first half of it; i never mentioned that though.
The pec splits are good. the clavicular section of the pecs insert to the humerus at a bottom point of the three other insertions of the pec. the sternal section inserts a point above that and then the fifth rib section inserts over those two giving a sharp angle upwards on that section.
As far as the abs go there are definitely two under the thoracic arch (rib cage) which is pretty normal but if you have the right genetics you can get those two tiny ones between the bottom of the pec and the thoracic arch.

The front head of the deltoid start about a third out of the clavicle.
nooo one gives a shiiiiiit. Move on to clothes and stop modeling so many useless nude models
File: 14787998249saas06.jpg (267 KB, 1296x950)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
but the pecs splits arent good, thats my point
your anatomy drawing is misleading its hard to tell where the pecs start and end, this is why i dont use sketches and rather just pictures of bodybuilders
and at such high muscle mass the anterior deltoid will be very curved and will start getting overshadowed by the medial deltoid muscle since obviously muscle tendons stay in the same place

for abs i guess no matter where you place them it will be technically correct, ive seen people with such tiny upper ab heads they are overshadowed by their pecs and almost not noticeable, not to mention mine are as asymmetrical as it gets
clothes are hard
maybe even harder than human anatomy
Shit man. I'm not even a modeler and i want you to look at all my 2d stuff. People crying about harsh critics don't get it. Real world isn't a hugbox, theres literally thousands if not millions of people trying to do this shit, and if you won't learn and improve with criticism, you die. I think OP's reaction was good: ill do better thanks.

Shit man, I want you to look at my dumb ass 2d art, it'd probably help.
>thinking I'm not OP
surely this is the next level of shitposting
quality necro post

also good to see op didnt take any advice from this thread
quality /3/ thread
>I'm a real artist because I see the real beauty in nature hurr
I agree that you have to appreciate real anatomy if you want to sculpt, even stylized, but don't be that guy. Nobody likes that "real artist" guy.
I guess this guy does incline bench presses exclusively, seeing how over-developed his upper pectoralis is.
I'd assume he's on some kind of roid cycle

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