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2016 Presidential Election Results Thread Anonymous

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We all know what we're good at when it comes to 3D, but what are some things you're not good at or lacking in? Even if it's just a little annoying to do or something you don't know at all.

I'll start: I'm pretty confident in modelling and animation, but I'm shit when it comes to UV unwrapping and textures.

had it both at first then i realized the world of rendering and composition goes much beyond shaders and materials and sometimes it makes all the difference
I haven't gotten into rigging yet.

I also struggle a bit with rendering, and I end up sitting there staring at the rendering process.
Composing, rendering, and textures.

Texturing. I don't like enjoy it so I usually just bake a shader and call it a day.
i'm a modeling & uv-mapping god

I'm shit at being creative though, i have to go off concept art of some kind

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