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File: fuck uv.png (87 KB, 981x660)
87 KB
So i have this simple "object", and i'm trying to unwrap it. Using Unfold3D and Legacy, trying differents configurations, but this shit can't unwrap proper.... pic related pls help im going to kil myself
Did you mark uv seams num nuts?
You haven't created a seam anywhere around the corners. How do you expect to such a convex shape without cutting it anywhere?
It's like cutting a tennis ball in half and trying to flatten one half. It's going to crack somewhere before it flattens.
maya does that sometimes where something in the algorithm gets messed up and it just won't unwrap properly

it magically mixes itself eventually, no idea why or how
File: what.png (180 KB, 1107x677)
180 KB
180 KB PNG

I dont get it. So i did a new test. I created a object,pic related. And then it was just a flat plane, so i Unfold3D it, and in the pic you can see the result (it was the Back side result). So then i did a thickness to this object, and separeted it in 2 parts, the front and the back.

The back side i Unfolde3D it, and i got a nice result. But then my front side got weird. It was supose to get the same clean result as the back side, but look at it. Its a curved UV Shell. I dont get it why....it is a plane, isnt it? The same as the back side of it, but still the result is weird...(pic related)
are you retarded?
It's like you didn't read my post at all. look at the fucking UVs. See the face that upwrapped perfectly? See how it is just a flat face? Now see how the second shell has a loop of faces extruded from the outer edge? Just like you said, you added thickness. What do you think that loop of faces is? They're the faces that run perpendicular to the original plane. Imagine you have a box that has one face missing. You want to flatten the box into a plane (UVs). It's not going to work unless you cut along some of the edges.
You haven't cut any of the edges, so it's impossible to flatten the UV shell.
The unfold3D algorithm is doing a damn fine job or dealing with your stupidiity.

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