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>Turbosmooth glitches model
>Can't select model anymore
>Manage to select it by it's name
>Scene disappears as soon as I move camera
>Delete modifier
>3ds max crashes
>Use older backup of scene, this one is fucked
>Same shit happens after turbosmooth (only 4000 polys, polycount isn't problem)
>Reset xforms, attach object to a box, export it as FBX, import it back in in another scene
>It works fine now

Is this normal for a 3d software /3/? I'm legit asking, do 3d softwares just pull shit like this on a regular basis or is it just 3ds max?
I really like the fact that Blender is free but I'm so used to 3ds...

(Pic mildly related)
I had strange things happen in Max, yeah. Pretty much no problems with C4D.

Blender is a meme, don't fall for it.
Some versions of Max have been very stable others been a mess historically. However novice users typically find strange ways to set off obscure errors in 3D software.
Like if you teach one of these programs to a small crowd you will get to see new errors occur that you never seen once while using them for years.
This ability to corrupt scenes by inserting occult keystrokes activating unknown shortcuts while modelling tend to go away with experience.
3ds max is by far the buggiest 3d modeling suite

I used to use Max 2014 (pirated software) then I got a student license for Max 2017 and boy...

Is it just me or did they completely fuck the UI? Every colour looks the same, every button looks indistinguishable, shift+lmb to select a ring is completely broken (it highlights your selection, but getting that shit to highlight is impossible sometimes), same problems relating to swift loop

overall, I wish I could go back to Max 2014 but I can't find a good torrent for it
you can, with only a few mouse clicks, set blender up to use 3ds controls, ya dingus!
Id love to hear why you think blender is a meme... did you have trouble figuring something out?
Use Maya. I say this as a guy who uses 3DS Max 2012. Don't use Blender, don't use the newer versions of Max. Use Maya, there's a reason it's the leading 3d package in film and game development - it's good.
>Blender is a meme, don't fall for it.
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