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What are /3/'s opinions on The Models Resource?

Is it a good source for video game related models?
old old content and mostly stuff from wii/gamecube
tf3dm, sfmlab and xnalara are better resources.
I kinda wish they would update faster instead of just once a month
I also feel like they're missing a lot of models that are available in others, specially from certain popular games.
Character models are fairly easy to find but where can I get environments? Xnalara groups on deviantart have a few options but most are rips from games too old to even have normal maps.
I see that content ripped by spics almost never come with normal maps.
bugs the shit out of me, im pretty sure most the recent 3d resident evils used them, even on wii
They did, those fools just rip the diffuse and slap a blank blue image on normals. Thats why it usually looks like crap.
It's extremely sparse. As this guy >>540344 said, there are much better sources.

If you can't find stuff on those, try searching xentax for quickbms scripts and ripping them yourself.

Why don't these xnl groups post fbx or obj as well? Can't convert their shit.
Because they don't really understand how those models bay be useful to study, they just want to pose the models in their shitty XNALara.

Normals? "lol A bunch of weird textures, delete them"

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