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hi guys, how to animate tank tracks in 3ds max? I watched almost every tutorial on YT and didn't find any relevant ones on cgpeers, but they all seem to use path deform modifier which is useless unless you want your tank to only move forward, any rotation distorts the tracks. or I'm doing something wrong. so tl;dr I want to tank treads to animate when I move a tank. what path deform modifier does is just what I want, sans rotation issues. pls help.
if you parent everything to an emply and then rotate that empty, then it should work i think
nope, when I parent the spline to a dummy, rotating the dummy distorts tracks, and when I parent track mesh to the same dummy there's no rotation but also no animation,......
I think you'd have to group them up into larger sections.

From what I can see, there's like 30-50 sections to fit around one wheel?

Put them in groups of like 20-30, but split each section into 3-4. Then sadly, animate them go around the entire thing, one section at a time. Once they all go around, start animating the split parts, so that in the end, you have each split part fold around the wheels.

Something could be done with jiggle maybe.
This is why you rig in Maya not Max. Despite using max for a few years i can't even tell you why it doesn't work; It should. In Maya it would be simple.
Because Maya was built up for animation while Max was for modelling

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