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File: Thunder_River_Rapids_Ride.jpg (469 KB, 2048x1365)
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Hey /3/

How would I go about making pic related in C4D?
I've made most of the model with a torus and a few booled cylinders, but I'm struggling with the rope around the seat edges.

I'm making the seats by booling two capped cylinders together, but it's creating a super sharp edges around the outside of the seats..

I don't have a photo because I'm on a different machine. I'll attatch a sketch in mspaint though of what the seat currently looks like.
File: ffff.png (16 KB, 1016x632)
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I tried solving the blade like edge issue by just booling with a smaller cylander, but they're still too 'edge' like..
Bump. Anyone?
Last time I tried to make a rope in C4D I used a plugin called Reeper X or something like it. Look it up.
LOL, are you the guy on /pol/ that's trying to make the render of the Aussies getting sliced up by the water ride??
Are you good at modeling at all? I fucking suck at it, but it seems like you could just do an extract on some simple lines, then use hypernurbs to smooth it out. Then just make a cylinder to aline to spline, thats roughly the outline of the seats.

An easy way to get around actually having to model the rope would probably be to just use a texture that has a depth map with it or something.
File: ride better0103.jpg (80 KB, 720x405)
80 KB
It was relatively easy to workaround.

I just made the booled cylinder smaller and extruded / beveled the edges off.

Once I export as webm I'll upload for you here.
File: ride webm.webm (897 KB, 720x404)
897 KB
Are you the guy from /pol/?

Lets see some gore plz
I'm not.

Can you link me to the thread?

Maybe I can help him.
How are those even seats?
There's nowhere to sit.
They just sit on the floor of the raft.
Every time I see what happened in 3d and visualize it all happening in real life, my chest tightens horribly.

Seriously what went down there is nothing short of a fucking nightmare turned real.

How's the model looking now?

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