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How do i make a solidworks cad file read only

I dont want a 3d printing place stealing my prototype i've worked on for months
Can't make any file "read-only", whether it's for Solidworks or any other software. Only way to do it is not to give out the file to anyone else.

If someone else has the file, they can do literally anything they want with it, regardless of how much you want to protect it. It's the same reason that every DRM ever can be cracked/circumvented.
I know that you could covert the file.to a pdf but im not sure if you can still use it in that form for printing

Anyone know of a file type thats compatable for a 3d printer to print but not an editing software like solidworks or autodesk?
Converting to STEP/IGES will remove most information about the construction of the model and will probably work with the 3d printer
3d printing places usually don't need your solidworks file. Usual file for 3d printing is STL ( also OBJ, AMF). They are mesh files made of triangles. You can export those files from Solidworks (There is option to adjust resolution, depending how accurate you want your mesh file to be). You can not edit STL in Solidworks directly. There are other programs that can do that, but that kind of editing is not parametric. Once you give them your STL file, they will have hard time editing, but they will be able to print it as many times as they would want it. The only way to ensure that nobody tries to steal your design is to buy your own 3d printer. Or make some sort of confidentiality contract. If you don't trust your local 3d printing place, try online service, like Shapeways, i.materialise, sculpteo, ...
Just export to STL. Makes everything easier for everyone.
You can't protect shit like that, dumbass, I can replicate everything you do from whatever file, I need no measurements or anything.
Your best bet is to request different parts from different 3d printing places.

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