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File: FB_IMG_1477087438896.jpg (76 KB, 1144x640)
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My last work tell me how uo fnd it
to find what?
i like it.
the camera angle is kinda weird for interior and the pillows/couch could use a bit variance in the pattern.
how did you make the texture of the cover?
is it slightly transparent where the "net" has holes?
Whats up with the camera angle? Looks really neat but i cant see what i want to see in a interior model shot. Rendering is really good, v-ray, Arnold?
File: 1466474807488.png (165 KB, 639x462)
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165 KB PNG
Honestly its good. Lighting seems great, I'd love to see more of that living room corner. Though:
>The floor texture seems a bit low-res compared to the rest
>Pillows and cushions are a tad rigid
>The camera angle flattens everything and is not showcasing anything other than the couch fabric
>Said couch fabric is the worst part of this image; there are few folds and details, and tiling is very obvious.

Basically, you focused on the least successful aspect of your render, which you should either try to hide or continue to work on. Its still better than most thing we see on /3/ though, so keep it up!

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