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Just saw this video. It is litterally the only video this channel has ever made, only 100 subscribers, but somehow they had the funds to create this video. Obviously they're funded by a big person. But how long would it take to create a video like this, and more importantly. How much does something like this COST?

a really tiny fraction of whatever sum they're already investing into traditional ads, shilling in MSM, and guerrilla marketing in general.
ask hillary
Political bullshit aside, that rigging is so nice.
25 to 200 per second.
7k views dude, wat marketing u talking bout
i think its just like a small studio doing someting on a budget to get some publicity thats it
I actually really like that video
Some studios/individuals jump on a bandwagon to gain followers. I believe this video was made to show off their capabilities, but who knows. You don't have to be funded by a big studio to produce something with decent quality, you could have other motives such as trying to find an employer. An example below.

From nothing to one million, depending on who is making it.
Seriously tought, it´s 2:30 minutes of animation, and i personally charge U$2000,00 per minute of animation. Since it has advanced shading, i´d charge an extra 1000 per minute, plus modeling fee for the main character of U$5000,00 - It would cost you roughly U$10.000,00 for this animation, unless you did all yourself for free.
Yea rigging alone would push this past 15k for 2+ minutes.
Solid 3 months of work by 3 people who know what they doing + rendering in a studio that does ads or shorts for a while now, +voice recording, or 3 weeks by a small 10 man studio studio
Thats a really high quality render with very good composition, the model is hand animated and has morph maps based facial rig, audio quality is also insanely good and has full clothing simulation on top. Even his fucking suit has a full fur for tiny strands layer. And motion blur and dof are render time killers.
And look at that hair aliasing, the fuck was the sample rate for each pixel? Its better than what i just saw while watching BFG a big hollywood movie,

No way this was done by any amateurs. I would say it costed 100k$ to produce minimum.
Problem is that the render quality is just insane, they would have to cough up for a render farm, and here with 5000 frame and 5 hours per frame easy on a i7 this would be around 10,000$ for the render alone

fuck off
for 10k$ you wouldnt even cover the farm and va costs
>for 10k$ you wouldnt even cover the farm and va costs
Because i would do it myself. For U$10K, i can get the same result. Less than two months.
>i would do it myself
>average /3/ user thinks he knows what he's talking about

lmao. Have fun with your 2 year render time, retard.
>Because i would do it myself
With 20,000 render hours or even more?
1000 days of non stop 24/7 rendering?
vs one day on a render farm?

Man i can already see this.

Client: So when will the animation be ready? The election is in 5 months.
You: In 5 years, i take payment upfront by the way

>Because i would do it myself. For U$10K, i can get the same result. Less than two months.
if you had an actual analytic eye, you can see that it's only one character, everything else are basically photos and shit
the animation is based on dynamics, you can do that shit easily, the only good thing about it is the shading and the render, but the video it's not even that expensive to make in the first place
you would know that but of course you are just a faggot
You are incorrect.
Next time you post an uneducated opinion on the internet, you may want to double check and figure out if you actually know what you're talking about, so you can avoid looking like a colossal idiot.
I 100% agree with >>540264.

Just download the HD video and do a frame by frame analysis.

Scene breakdown:

- Empty bathroom. Shows only mirror, lights, towelholder.
- Capitol Building. Quite large and impressive looking, but most parts are just flat set pieces, just examine the edges of the trees.
- Stage A lectern with flags.
- Earth with pedestal. Sphere, simple pedestal. Starscape backplate.
- City night skyline Just a backplate.
- Music stage set I'd say the most elaborate part of the whole video. Various elements. Basic night sky backdrop
- Confetti
- Trump Statue of Liberty Basic statue model and material, simple box buildings. Sky backplate.
- Trump coin
- Trump Lincoln Memorial Basic statue model and back wall
- Street scene One car, duplicated several times. Night city backplate. I think the car is likely a bought model, to save time.
- White House Mostly backplate, some flags, simple jets with strong motion blur. also possibly a bought model.
- Great Wall of China Simple model, just look at that basic modeling and texturing... Mountains backplate.

The crowds are just black, shapeless dummies. There is just one detailed character: Trump. His jacket does not have any complicated material or shader, is hair is not amazingly fancy, and the cloth dynamic effects are not groundbreaking.

Finally, you are aware that there are online render farms available right? So, yes, just one person who is good with characters (modeling, rigging, animating) could do it in not too much time.
>just one person who is good with characters (modeling, rigging, animating) could do it in not too much time.
You are a moron if you believe that, and I really do not have the energy to try to convince someone as ignorant as you how wrong you are.
You've most likely already made up your mind based off whatever bullshit pre-existing notion to convince yourself you are correct. There is no point.

Just understand that I feel personally ashamed that I share this board with people like you.
Not him, read through the entire thread just now. You have to back up your argument instead of just ad hominem. I don't think the animation was made by one person, however I believe it's plausible to create something like this by yourself. Bottom line, I (we) don't care about your insipid sneers when you can't argue a coherent defense for your point of view. It makes you look like someone from fucking /v/.
>when you can't argue a coherent defense for your point of view
Ah. No.
It's not that I can't, it's that I don't want to.
When dealing with dissecting 3D projects and determining exactly how much time and money goes into producing such content, you cannot easily give absolutes.

There are far too many variables in this field to even consider trying to narrow down such a thing.
It would take me 4-5 posts at the max character limit to even begin to evaluate exactly how much time, how many people, and how much money went into this video, AND back it up with facts and sources.

But by all means, let me attempt to sink to your level of "backing up my argument"

>insert meaningless scene breakdown
I think that the Trump character cost a lot of money to create. The anti-aliasing in the video is very expensive. The rigging on the Trump character is groundbreaking and expensive. The cloth dynamics took a lot of time to simulate. The hair is both amazing, and fancy.

Finally, you are aware of the prices of online render farms, right? So no, just one person who is good with characters (modeling, rigging, animating) could actually not do it not too much time.

Compare my post to the original. None of these arguments are based off facts.
These are all just baseless assumptions with only personal feelings and possibly unknown anecdotal evidence behind them.
And you are operating on the assumption that I give enough of a shit about his opinion to refute it.

I know he is wrong, and that's all that matters.
I resort to ad hominem because his argument has no ground to stand on.
I would have to expend far more effort than it took for him to spew his uneducated bullshit to prove him wrong with facts backing up my claims. It's not worth it.

Ah, but here's the contradiction where I write a fucking essay telling you why I don't want to write an essay.
About tree fiddy
ofc you agree with yourself you samefagging clown
i really cant tell if you "break down" is serious or not since it shows a worrying lack of basic understanding of cgi
complexity of an image never matters, a ray tracing renderer does not care if the image looks like the St. Peter's Basilica or a lego house, it cares about shaders, aa sampling, ray bounce count, displacement, sss and other calculation on top of it has to do
for a ray tracer every pixel is the same, no matter how complex it look in the end

this Hillary sponsored video had a good budget and was done by some big studio, this can be seen at a glance

Calm down, ok? All you needed to write is "You're full of shit." Just 5 simple words. I apologize.

I'm also really sorry that you felt obliged, it being not worth it, to spend so much time and effort writing in detail why it's not worth it.

But seriously now. It's a pity that you wouldn't give some basic clarification on what makes specific elements in this video groundbraking and amazing. Even if it wasn't to show off your knowledge, at least we would have all learned something useful, avoiding similar situations in the future.

Anyway, I will clarify my post.

As an artist, when I looked at the video to make an estimate of the amount of work involved (work, not time), I made a calculation based on how much direct manual labour would be involved to make it: modeling, UV mapping, texturing, creating materials and shaders, setting up hair particles, combing strands, rigging, weightpainting, animating, etc, etc. So, the less there is that requires direct artistic input, the better. So, anything that can be done procedurally, dynamically or by using a simple image, the better. The same with objects and animations, the more that can be copied and looped, the better.

So, looking at all the assets in the video, most are images or simple, low-detail models. Nobody will disagree with me that even a medium-skilled 3D artist has a problem making those. What stand out are the cars and perhaps the jets. But as I said, I would consider buying decent models of those to save time.

That leaves the character model of Trump. I totally agree that this is the most important, most labour intensive and most complex and difficult part of the video. To do this efficiently and in high quality requires advanced/expert skills. I agree with that completely. But is it within the realm of possibity that one person would be able to model, rig and animate it? I think so, yes.
In the end, this video was created by a team of very skilled people who had the time and resourches to do it. And yes, because of the costs of those skilled people, time and resources, it will have cost a lot of money to make. But I'm still not convinced it would be an impossible job for one person.

Just give a simple explanation.
id say it took longer to animate than it did to model and put models in place.
Even if this was done by one person it would be pretty expensive. A singular entity with the right laurels wouldn't go sub 15k, it would be a preposterous low ball to even glance that low. To work on this for more than two months and not make a profit is a death blow to a small business.
Gotcha bitch, made you write a school paper. You get a B- for bad format. Also I never said it was made by a single person, and render farms can indeed be expensive. Just wanted you to lay out your argument like a competent person instead of being arrogant and pompous. And I got what I wanted.
clearly, there are people with deep pockets interested in spread anti-Trump propaganda right now. the most simple explanation is that some of them paid for this.

why would you even need to come with less plausible, contrived explanations for this?
I seriously doubt anybody in this thread thinks that anybody other than Hillary and her cronies are behind this video so its not really even much of discussion.
The problem the tread turned into shitposting by newfags with one or two serious replies.
Hillarys Saudis filled pockets have no depth, its hard not to bump into anti trump propaganda video in the last few month, but

Im more surprised they didnt invest in bots to pump up the view count.
Her campaign really must be a mess behind the scene since everybody who paid for it originally must have forgot it even exists.
File: its-a-conspiracy.jpg (72 KB, 640x480)
72 KB
>I seriously doubt anybody in this thread thinks that anybody other than Hillary and her cronies are behind this video so its not really even much of discussion.
>days from election
>Hilary spend over 1,3bln $ !!! 1,300 mln burger dollars on her camping by this point
you wut mate?
are neets really this clueless about outside world? you do know there is an election, right?

>idiot discovers running for POTUS costs billions of dollars.

Wake up sheeple!
this vid costs 100k at best
hilary already spent like 3 billions on this election in total
>the animation is based on dynamics, you can do that shit easily.
You know about animation as much as Trump knows about running a country
Why dont one of you just ask them?

If they have next to no subs, they'll probably reply back.
It's better than calling each other names.....
Does nobody know how to use Google anymore?

According to this site the studio who made this is:
A studio in Romania who seems to be specialized on Creatures and Advertising.
I found no information on their site about the Trump clip, but maybe they don't want to put that there for obvious reasons.

Here is their reel.
Cool, but I lost my boner. Fuck you.
File: clipping.jpg (4 KB, 184x173)
4 KB

Hahah clearly this cost $100000...
Could have been fixed in post. I guess they had a tight budget and a close deadline.
I can't tell if posters in this thread are trolling or not.
LOL, trump spent FAR below a billion. He stomped hillary with less money because she thought throwing money at the problem would fix it
>The crowds are just black, shapeless dummies.
Delete this, you racist asshole.
>studio is romanian
i would say im embarrassed but i hate this country anyway
Its all a conspiracy! Trump said it
God damn, we are not safe from deluded /pol/cucks, not even on a kinda dead board like /3/
>stuff clipping
>tie jitters around on contact sometimes
>reuse the same animations with different camerawork
>trump is the only thing that's really been modeled in detail
>ebin lens flares make everything better
this is just someone who knows how to do a pretty good job making more with less
lol only 30k views wtf really?
He's right though. They funded literal mentally ill protesters at Trump events, funded the riots in chicago, and have paid shills on this website. It's not insane to think they made a fucking video
>deluded /pol/cucks
On the board that makes Shemale furries, we don't have room to bash /pol/...
maybe they should have send it to cgbros since it's difficult to get views when you're not famous even if you have decent content.
true that the only thing that is really bad is the sync of the phonemes those blendshapes are solid too

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