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how the fuck do soft as overly emotionally attached "muh fee-fee" people expect to make it in this industry?

today i had probably the most awkward experience of my life.

at school i asked to see this guys work (who is learning game art to be a character artist)
and all i said to him was that the perspective of his chest looks off. he literally got triggered so hard that i feel bad 12 hours later. hes like "i didnt ask for your criticism" and nigga said "as artists we have emotional attachment me to our work so you cant say stuff like that"

WTF? literally any artists ever will tell you to never get attached to your work because your art director or supervisor might say its shit and make you redo it like 450 times.

or have i just grown a hard shell from posting on /3/ for over 2 years. people told me my work is shhit and that i should kill myself so many times that i cant have it any other way. but you niggas tell me exactly why my work is shit and what i should fix so ty for that.
>how the fuck do soft as overly emotionally attached "muh fee-fee" people expect to make it in this industry?

Because they shut themselves off from people who tell them that they are not going to make it just like they shut themselves off from people who tell them to improve themselves.
>cuck tales
Who cares about people with fee-fees? They'll learn once they get into the industry nobody gives a shit about their feelings. They are the eternal laughing stock for the rest of the world.
>sentimental about work

At least you got the part about taking flak from bosses right, other people would just whine about being bossed around.
I am an artist and these fags pissed me off in college. Ripped them a new one every time critiques came. They were kissing my ass even after that and I would tutor their asses as well so eventually they improved.

> ITT: "I sure told those pussies to man up, god i'm superior..."

They're newbies, they'll either learn to take criticism eventually or they'll quit.
>at school

There's your problem. I'm just imagining the lame kids that I see by Sheridan every time I'm in Canada.
[spoiler]I understand.[/spoiler]

As much as I agree with you, OP, not everyone does 3DCG to get into the industry.
But everybody can always improve, and everybody should realise this. If you're actively denying constructive criticism you're a retard.
It really doesnt sound like OP's colleague was asking for crits. You dont have to offer criticism at every opportunity. Sometimes people just wanna share what they made with other people. Imagine someone giving you a bit of the cake that they made to share with everyone. Everybody in the room loves the cake and thanks guy for sharing it with them. You say, "you put too much butter in this". You might be right, but you're still an asshole.

When I think about it, OP is getting too used to this environment. OP isnt in the same class as the other guy and shouldnt have offered crits if the guy didnt ask for them. You wouldnt do it with other fields like cooking, you shouldnt do it there.
Going to school for toy/product design and not entertainment, but the trends are the same.

>first semester classes are 30-40 people
>most get super butthurt at critiques
>the dieoffs start as people drop out of the program
>what remains aren't always the best, but they're the people that WORK, and understand they're there to get ripped to pieces so they can learn

Fast forward three years and we have like two special melting snowflakes, but the rest are super chill by now.
I know this feeling so well , anon.
I haven't been modeling for long but I do have a good understanding of anatomy, shading, structure, that shit. My god though, the amount of people who think that they can magically sit down and shit out their crappy character without even considering any basic rules such as weight, proportion, structure. I know a classmate who brags to everyone how she's been cartooning for years. When we finally got to see her model character it literally looked like a playdoh stick man. She tried to defend it by stating that it was her style.
(sorry for the long rant, tired as hell, haven't slept in 30 hours.)

>Long rant
>Only 3 lines

No need to apologize m8

Professional rockstar north employee here where criticism in the office is RIFE and not withheld in the slightest (a very good thing!)

I used to be that guy... Its really difficult to hear bad things about something you worked hard on, especially when you cant see a fault in it yourself and are proud of it. I learnt to cope with it early on but not after trying to defend my work and being told I "need to toughen up to get into this industry" ... give the man a break he'll get it eventually and, hey, if he doesnt then he wont improve. I would explain that to him and see if he's more receptive next time and if not, fuck him, some dont want to step outside their comfort zone to learn which is a shame because its the only way you can.
Id call rockstar emolyees slaves over professionals
The whole point of college is to learn how to take constructive criticism

Agreed. But I do enjoy it. And it pays well. And Edinburgh is fantastic.
Just giving out criticism isn't inherently a bad thing. If he got upset because he heard something that he didn't agree with then I almost think he doesn't deserve to be in the industry.

On the other hand, criticism can just make people feel bad. Whatever's productive, just try and help him.
fuck this guy hes the one thats not gonna make it. people who says thats are fucking frauds with no professionalism. critisism is good when constructive

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