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Long story short I used to be a Minecraft fag and then a friend got me into graphics and Minecraft animations. Quit a few years ago and started doing better things.

Tell me your stories anon.
my parents needed to sent measurements to a carpenter so i downloaded sketchup to make a basic 3D scene of our kitchen with measurements
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>I just want to make waifus
A bit of that but the gateway to this for me was level editing in half life, unreal and quake.
Getting a better PC and seen the growing market for 3D
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I never had any game consoles growing up. I had a pentium 4 home computer, however no money for videogames. I had a videogame obsession, and I needed some safe space to retreat when my alchoholic dad would come home and beat the pudding out of me. Blender 2.41 was my only coping mechanism in this rough time. I spent endless hours making convex hull suzannes fall over each other or 3d liquid blood coming from stick figure limbs. I'm in a better place now, but I still cant open Blender unless under some form of influence and 3d feels like an obsession in my life that i'll never break free from
nothing really got me into cg specifically. i just wanted to make animations and 3d was the easiest to start considering i didn't have a drawing tablet and all you really needed for 3d was a mouse and keyboard.

initially, i had always thought that only companies made animations/cartoons, but then i saw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM1J22s5sCQ and that's what started this ride for me. it was after seeing that video that it dawned on me that anyone can make animations, not just studios.
I just wanted to see 3d tiddies.

I'm a 2D animator and wanted to cheat things like moving things in the background while reusing it.
Started with texturing the character of GTA3, then Oblivion modding, and then wanted to make waifus. Since i also started creating shitty rpgs with rpg maker years before, i went from waifus to gamedev and making shit 3d games, even though i never even finished one until a year ago.
File: 3dcanvas.png (79 KB, 600x400)
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I forgot exactly what got me into 3d, but I remember when.
I think I was like 12 or 13 (in like 2007 or something) when I got started, I used some shitty program called 3d Canvas. Ironically enough it's still being updated.

I didn't really have any goals or anything with it, I just used to have fun making space ships and making little animations for fun.
Obviously the shit wasn't good by any means, but it was just fun for me.

I made animations about a bunch of things
Batman in his Bat-mobile,
an Alien Abduction thing about a cow that revolts and starts a revolution on an alien planet.
An adaptation of Doom 3, but with Lego graphics.

I didn't really show anyone though. I wish I had backups desu.
A little later I got into Blender, and made a bunch of still scenes. Then a few years later took a 3d animation course in high school, we learned Max. I still have some stuff somewhere from it.
Still used blender at home, then quit.

I'm back into it now, I make wallpapers and shit. People tend to like them, I make some cash for steam games every now and then from it.
I'm not really interested in pursuing any kind of career from it, it's just a nice hobby. I'm almost done with school for graphic design now, and I can see a career out of that though.
Started animating with Pivot in 2005 or whenever, when I was just a wee lad.
Didn't develop drawing skills, but liked animation.
Figured out a few years ago 3D animation is kinda the same thing, but a lot easier.

I still can't draw for shit, but 3D lets me cheat a little.
Trying to make ED-209 in 3DS R4 (DOS) back in '93
File: grid reference 1.jpg (820 KB, 1280x1600)
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820 KB JPG

I was a 2D illustrator who was pissed off because my wooden reference doll wouldn't hold a pose and wouldn't bend like a real person would and didn't want to pay $100 for one of those fancy Japanese artist dolls. Someone said "use Daz studio for that. it's free".

Downloaded it and used it for making references for 2D drawings. Then played around with the Hexagon modelling software and discovered I love 3D modelling as much as I like 2D drawing. In particular I enjoy modelling clothing for other figures.

Ironically I hate rendering and texturing. The only thing I really ever render are low quality images just so I have a lighting and perspective reference for 2D drawing. Usually just a posed naked figure and some primitives with grids on them because I'll draw the details by hand anyway.

But the 3D models I make I give away for free on ShareCG and people who actually enjoy rendering will use them to create rendered 3D artwork. I rarely ever use the models I make. Weird.
File: p20150501-061022.jpg (648 KB, 1280x1600)
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Link to your sharecg store/profile?

and transformers beastwars.

i was looking at simulation videos in youtube about 4 years ago. like those where planks are falling etc. then i wanted to make them myself.

i downloaded blender and made simulations and basic modeling about 1 year. now im making a bit money with 3d modeling. mainly from house interiors.


I get a kick out of just how bad the early Reboot and Beastwars episodes were in terms of computer graphics. It's kinda neat to see all the ways they compensated for the hardware and software limitations of the time.

Must have taken forever to render an episode and now adays you could render it in real time on a laptop.
wanted to make my own game, but didn't want to be the ideas guy.
What is this from, pls?
Sorry to hear about your childhood, anon. Mine was crappy, too.
File: finaldonut1.png (3.16 MB, 1920x1080)
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3.16 MB PNG
last week i discovered https://highfidelity.io/
i wanted to upload a random 3d object of a cat to it.
when i finally managed to upload the cat it didn't have a texture, i downloaded blender and figured out how to texture it, took me way to long cause i didn't wanna use tutorials.

when i finally textured the cat it looked shit.

then 3 days ago i followed a tutorial now i made this and i'm still shit but having fun.
I have a fetish for something that cannot exist irl. Started in DAZ, later dumped it and am now branching out.
It's hannah minx from some dance reality show
File: Gardevoir2Render7.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1517)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG

Honestly, i am mostly just like others here in that i want to make waifus. Mostly monster girls or other strange beauties. I do want to work for a studio in the future.

Pic is one of mine.
That's actually really cool
Make a trip so we can filter you and your plastic donuts

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