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Hey guys i'm a 2d animator and i've been wanting to work on my own backgrounds for many shots.

I'm thinking of maybe doing the layouts in 3d so then i could take the camera inside, take stills of the angles i want for the 2d shots and then i'll be able to draw over them for the final comp.

Is there something simple I can use to do basic shape layouts of objects/interiors or will any 3d model application do?
Try Sketchup, it's pretty intuitive, and there's some good rendering plugins if you want some basic lighting direction too.
Will look into it thanks!
Don't listen to this faggot, sketchup is garbage compared to blender, max or maya. Get it or get out!
id recommend blender but remember to switch units to metric and just use the primitive shapes to block out your scenes. you pretty much only need to know how to manipulate the objects, the camera and maybe lighting.
I'm not even that guy, but damn.

Sketchup would be the best option.
Why the fuck would he need to sit and watch 50 tutorials for blender? You can pick up sketchup in like 15 minutes. I was fucking around with that shit when it came out, and I was like 13 or something.
I use blender as well and it's easy to learn if you're into it, but for simple comps and shit he's going to be tracing over, sketchup is perfect. You can pick it up in mere minutes of fucking around. It's not like he's trying to make 3d models for games or anything like that. Just tracing.

He won't be able to get decent lighting (I don't know, it's been a while since I've used it), but if he's a competent artist that's something he can do himself.

OP just get Sketchup.

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