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Is there a way to preserve the changes in topology you made at subdivision 1 to be in the exact same location at the highest subdivision level? I figured a workaround where you could turn off the smooth modifier, but it causes sharp edges around the areas that were affected. This causes a lot of cleanup work that has to be done.

In the picture, I did an extreme example where I only moved one vertex. Usually what I do is more subtle, where I move a lot of vertices to fix the topological flow or subtle changes to silhouette etc. I just want the vertices I move at the lowest subdivision to be in the exact same location at the highest subdivision without any artifacts.
dont think so
you could fuck around with morph targets and layers but it would get too complicated
Yeah that sucks. I'll try some test with morph targets and layers.
i would try storing details as a layer
i would do this by stroring a morph map
going to lowest sub level you want to modify
deketaing all sub levels above it, then subdividing without smooth back to the level you stored morph map at
now add layer, switch morph map with recording on, use any brush on the model for the layer to record a brush stroke, and turn it off

now you go back down to lowest sub level
go back up without sooth

now you have this blocky mesh with your change but divded a lot
now turn on layer
now use morph brush to recover every part outside of the model outside teh one you modified
or just mask that part an use blend maps

all this is theoretical, dunno if it will work, just try it u guess i did stuff this way but usually tiny changes dunno what it will produce form lowest sub level
Wow. I'll test this out and report back.
No luck. Results ended up being the same. I think you are onto something though. Been trying different things.
i for one just ignore the fact it smooths out details
i ether exaggerate my changes, or fix it at higher sub level

also another thing you cna try is storing the changed lowest sub level mesh as morph map
going up
then going back down, applying the stored morph map again, going up, going down again, and after lik 3 times it would apply mostly
Interesting. This method kind of works, although it's not 100% accurate and it introduces it's own problems. Sigh, I'll probably have to stick with smoothing.

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