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File: Solare Cortina Magic Hi.jpg (129 KB, 1200x1200)
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Solare Cortina Magic Hi - Baby Stroller

we been through this already. if you want to model wristwatches,cameras and dinosaurs you would weep in the opposite direction, so lets get this thing going.

bonus points for

>high poly model
>textured model
>good render

you have until sunday best of luck
>Challenges /3/ to build an RPG
>Get only a few submissions, a lot of people complying about "UH TOO EZ GIMM RAEL SHALLENJ!!!!!!! 90 PERSEMT CYLIMDERS"
>Make real challenge
>0 submissions 2days left
I feel you bro.
He got one submission, if I remember correctly. Now the other argument instead of to simplistic, who would want to make a realistic baby stroller?

people complain things are easy or boring yet they are not up for scratch.
the guy that everyone calls him autistic actually made the best model in the cleaner challenge.
if a model is easy then texture and render it, there are tons of way to improve a model
easy =/= time. Just some food for thought.
The majority of the 100 people that post on /3/ are actually terrible at modeling.

It's not really surprising.
He went from a genre the demographic on /3/ could possibly enjoy but was to boring to model, to something that was boring in subject that and takes some skill to complete. It is obvious why he's not getting any submissions, and it's for both those reasons.

But /3/ is pretty mediocre at modelling.
Im pretty sure its because no one gives a fuck
File: stroller.jpg (39 KB, 419x200)
39 KB
How would you guys go about modeling these details without spending 20min or more?

I feel like modeling something like this is pretty fucking annoying to do in maya. But, if i was to use a 3D cad program like solidworks this wouldn't really be a big challenge because solidworks makes curves and nurbs easy to use while maya lacks in precision tools that are easy to use.

In solidworks i could just make each part relate to the others and easily get the precision and shapes down while in maya, if i would do poly modeling i would spend most of the time probably fixing the shitty topology that ruins the smoothness of the shapes.
don't model very small detail, left side you can do with sub-d

OP here. this is why we model different things every time. i don't know what model do you perceive to be not boring but i do know that if you don't practice different objects then you most likely won't be capable of modeling most shapes
Thing is you will have to imply those details anyways with normals, which will be a pain to paint aswell since you want the curves to follow the shape of the model.

If i would use solidworks i could easily just draw those shapes and make them concentric to the curve of the model and then extrude them out. but in maya, i'm not sure i could do it cleanly.

Will probably have to try it out even though i am lazy as fuck.

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