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Hi there, I started learning Blender about a year ago. I used to not give a fuck about n-gons, but now I'd like to learn proper topology.

Using only quads is damn hard, most of the time adding new loops creates tons of useless edges (like the one selected). Merging flat faces will create n-gon though.

Is there a way around this? I must be doing it wrong.
just don't worry about it.

get a good shape first, worry about topology later.

when you export the model just triangulate faces.
is dat gonna be a b-29?
its not a useless loop.
If it's not going to deform, you can get away with having shitty topology.
I wouldn't ever recommend n-gons, since they cause all sorts of lighting issues, but tris are generally ok to have on a static mesh.

Also that loop is not as useless as you think. It works.
File: jpegs are alright2.jpg (182 KB, 1218x585)
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I decided to start over - do engines and wings separately, then connect them via "bridge edge loops". There's a couple of tris but the entire thing overall looks much more clean now, I'll keep it.


well not entire loop but those few edges bug me, if they create a bunch of adjancent faces that are flat anyway, my gut tells me it could be just one face then.


that's the plan but how could you tell? I barely even started!
looking at your general blockout i can tell you watched very little modeling or did very little modeling so far.

you want the truth? start small and work from there.
thats wrong
File: r25252452452.png (199 KB, 947x654)
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it looked a bit familiar

how many tris are you dealing with right now?
File: jpegs are alright3.jpg (141 KB, 1534x858)
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yeah I may not be good but I want to improve. I don't think a plane model is too complex.

I reworked it again and now technically I only have quads. That one face over there looks a bit off though and I can tell there's something messed up with lighting in that area when I view it in object mode. I tried flipping normals but it's not that.
Were you planning on physically connecting the wings to the fuselage? If not, and if your trying to stay lowpoly, you could always model the engines as seperate objects and just have them intersect the wings. My model is sub 2k tris and thats what I did. Your problem may just be weird lighting due to trying to model complicated edges with too little amount of polys
a plane is very complex. start small
1 click vertex
2 click vertex
3 ctrl-j
4 be the master of your domain, make your own tris, even bad tris are better than ngons


1 click useless vertex/edge
2 press g twice
3 slide it into another one
4 select all
5 ctrl-v, remove doubles
6 have fewer verts/tris

please don't merge faces unless you're making a vital quad

i believe in you

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