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You have some halfway decent work on this site and I was hoping someone would have some ideas to share.

I'm working on a PET project during my free time in college trying to create a science fiction esque Grappling Gun. After editing and reediting multiple times, I have simply ran out of ideas of what to edit.

This is just the model and I will be adding quite a lot to it but for the overall look, what are your opinions? What should I add that I haven't? What looks good what doesn't? Thank you for your input

what you 3D Negroes don't understand about design for a designer/engineer standpoint is a simple rule.

anything you design whenever its a gun, a rifle or even something that would never exist have to be practical in design.
the more crap you have on your gun, the worse you are as a deisgner.
if you knew anything about design you would also know that something like a gun need to be lightweight and the features like safety and slide release have to be concealed as possible.
i mean even crazy designs like the XM29 are better than your sci-fi guns because it serves a purpose.
even a gun like the FNH 45 got turned down by the military because it had too much crap on it. and its a high end gun you can only dream of.

same thing with those bigass robots or those scifi android that have all these screws and bolt that really serve no purpose.
I never said I was an advanced designer or even good at this. I'm in college, this is one of my first projects in 3D CGI.

I should clarify, this is NOT the final model nor the one that would actually be implemented. This is a high poly model that is going to be baked as a normal map on a lower poly model

How can I make it look cool but have less detail?
if you want reference material for sci-fi check out fox3d (artists for subnautica) or robert hodri (id software)

also look for pre 2000 mecha designs and notice the difference
Thank you for the reference, can you clarify what you mean by "mecha"?, Are there good sites for reference material?
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>doesn't know mecha
>is doing sci fi designs
Are you actually 10 years old? Mecha = mech = big ass Japanese robots designed to kick massive amounts of alien ass while simultaneously being impractical and convoluted as fuck solely for the visual design. Other countries have their own variants with other design purposes as well. For fucks sake there is a board on 4chan dedicated to mecha.

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