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Don't forget the banner contest

File: dish.webm (270 KB, 960x540)
270 KB
I'm literally better than 99% of you faggots.

99% of you fags can't even reach this level.

keep masturbating to loli and anime garbage while I make something that employers want.

>inb4 organic blobs on zbrush that look like shit

>they think random anons will be given major modelling roles rather than simple background props nobody will give a shit
welcome to the real world kid.
I-I quit
Protip from an industry veteran, in a real poly-limited scenario the chopsticks would either be long pyramids or a plane with a drawing of chopsticks. The machine doesn't need to be processing this many polygons for a prop the player will look at for all of 3 seconds. Drop one or two sides from your bowl, you aren't deving for the 360.
File: doggo.png (226 KB, 1440x900)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
more works.
Tell me your secrets, great one
I suck my employers dick every morning
Industry veteran here, sometimes you did have to suck someone's dick to keep your job. Artists were and still are critically undervalued.

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