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File: 1st render.png (902 KB, 1104x665)
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What can I do to make a render in Daz that doesnt look like shit?
File: Close.png (3.19 MB, 1920x1080)
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3.19 MB PNG
Learn how to lighting.
>make spotlights
>change view to said spotlight
>set in place
>set lumens and color temp
Watch some fucking tutorials on youtube, you lazy fuck.
Did you make this OP? This looks like those shitty porn models.
Is that supposed to look good? Cause it doesnt
I need instant gratification
Its the model that came loaded with daz
File: gen3-04-08.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1619)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Learn lighting (both realistic and studio)
Make or buy good assets
Learn how to make good surface shader's
and learn photography techniques

Lighting! Lighting! Lighting! Single most important part of a good render in any software. Shit composition + good lighting can look okay. Good composition + shit lighting looks like shit.

Composition. Learn classical illustration and photography composition. Rule of thirds. Golden ratio. All that stuff.

Expressions. A big reason why a lot of Daz renders look like shit is because the people don't know how to create realistic expressions. They either leave everything with the blank face default, or they over crank the expression morphs and make it look hideous. Another mistake is expression symmetry. People don't have symmetrical facial expressions. Just like having a dominant hand people have dominant sides of their face.

Assets. If you don't know how to make decent models then get good ones. Also be prepared to fix the texture maps. A lot of models even commercial ones come with pretty shitty texture maps. Get a program that lets you paint on the model and touch of the texture maps to make them look better.

Is there any point to this shitty song you're spamming the board with?
Whats wrong with lighting in the OP?

Looks like the default Iray HDRI.. It doesn't look like a natural outdoor scene. The backdrop looks like it's painted on a studio wall and the lighting looks artificial.

OP's composition is totally shit. You don't want to draw your centre of focus to the centre of the image it might seem like that's the natural thing to do but it makes the image look flat and dull. As was said. Rule of 3rds and Golden Ratio. Learn it, love it, use it.
Also, Looks like he has the headlamp still enabled or is rendering from perspective view. >>538145
has some basics for new people.

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