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How do I freelance with 3D Animation skills? I'm a student at the moment and I'm just wondering if it's possible. What skills do I need to get into the freelance market?
First of all, you need at least a few more years of skills.

You're a student, I get it. But I guarantee you suck ass at 3D. If you still choose to ignore me, then you need to hit up local businesses. How and what to tell them, that's up to your shitty skillset and false confidence going in there for a pitch. You need to have a portfolio so the owners know what kind of shit you're going to produce for them and how much you decide to overcharge them. When they all tell you no, look into news stations. Most likely they will laugh at your lack of designs and portfolio so you will have to work at the bottom and work your way into the position you want years later.

You can maybe con your way into a music scene if you want but just know that musicians are broke as fuck and even if you create the best animations in the world; they will not value you, they will take advantage of you at every avenue, and you will still not be developed enough.

Freelancing 3D is possible but if you are here asking for advice on it, you're nowhere near ready. You're at a school. Network and listen to others, follow their path a little and see what they are interested in or moving forward with.
Try churches as well. But just like musicians, they won't value your work and WILL take advantage of you. The irony is they have plenty of money but are cheap as fuck towards your worth as an artist.
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How skilled do i have to be to become freelancer? I mean, you will more likely get projects if you are skilled and have proof, but i bet there are companies who are too lazy/cheap to hire a "professional" and would prefer to pay less to get tedious projects done. t. not op
You're going to have to be pretty good at everything in order to compete. My last three gigs were: engineering simulation, character animation, and arch viz. Also make sure you aren't in an area that already has a big meda firm that has swallowed up all the "big budget" clients.

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