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how many different industry's can you get a job as a good 3D artist? how many different industries does 3D branch out. i can

think of:
1. Video games
2. Movies
3. TV
4. advertisement
5. architectural firms (creating a 3D model of what the future building will look like as a representation for a client)
6. general tech and other product visualization
7. Jewelry (I know many big jewlers make jewlery in 3D and print it out and cast it
8. 3D printing jobs

all i can think of, you guys know any other industries that need 3D artists that i missed?
its incredible how with all of these fields there are more 3D artists than needed
there are more shitty 3D artists who over estimate their ability's and their value, when in reality they are unmarketable...

every fag on this site thinks they are skilled enough to be the lead 3D artist at naughty dog
not talking about individual artists but more about studious that are open to work 24/7

getting work as a freelancer is hit or miss
>getting work as a freelancer is hit or miss

yea if you have no contacts and no one knows you. if you're good enough to establish a good reputation with few studios and do a good job, they keep employing you,
the point of being a freelancer is that you get to set your own price. which is only good for the top artists since they get the privilege of working from home and getting paid in advance
yea well its hard out there on your own, i graduated from Gnomon, my first job was at Sony Santa Monica than i hopped around for a a year or two until i could afford to freelance.

probably couldn't do it without their job placement office

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